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Lamb & Hummus Burger

January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lamb & Hummus Burger

I have loved good Hummus for a few years now, even though I was a bit hesitant at first. The pale, creamy ‘paste’ didn’t seem like it would be something I would fall in love with at first taste, but that’s exactly what happened. I started eating it on/with anything and everything to the point that I could not look another bowl of hummus in the face. I hadn’t eaten hummus for about a year until I found myself with a tub of it in my fridge. I felt uninspired and didn’t know what to do with it, other than use it as a spread or a dip for crudite (which is what I normally used it for). When I opened the tub the smell of chickpeas, tahini and garlic hit me and as I tasted it, it felt as if a whole world unfolded in front of me. Unlike a few year’s ago when I was still slightly inexperienced when it came to recipe development, I now had a plethora of recipe ideas I could play with.

Lamb & Hummus Burger

Even though I still love eating hummus in a toasted pita with ripe tomatoes and lots of salt, this burger idea is definitely a lot more fantastic. The texture of hummus is perfect to use as a binder in burgers (where you would normally use egg or cheese). Just make sure that you don’t add too much as it can make the burger mix very pasty. A tablespoon or two is more than enough. I decided to add Provolone cheese to the top of the patties as they were frying and then used watercress, mayo, fresh tomato, red onion and fresh jalapeno’s to build the burger.  The hummus flavours the lamb perfectly and the end result is a lovely aromatic, moist burger patty. Perfect food for Weekend eating!

Lamb & Hummus Burger

For the recipe for this Lamb & Hummus burger, visit Simply Delicious

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  1. looks delicous, Ally.

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