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Greek Chicken Bake

February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greek Chicken Bake

There are few dishes as ‘week-day’ friendly as a good chicken bake. It’s versatile and delicious while not requiring much effort from the cook. Throw everything into a oven-proof pan/dish and allow it to cool away while you get the kids bathed or drink a glass of wine (or both if you’re some of my friends!!).

Greek Chicken Bake

I especially love that anything goes and you can really use this as way to get rid of some of the ingredients in your fridge. Potatoes are always a good idea and you can add bacon, chorizo (or any sausage) and any veg you like. I decided to keep it simple by using free-range chicken thighs with some Calamata-style olives, red onion wedges, dried oregano, lots of garlic and fresh lemon.

Greek Chicken Bake

I served the chicken bake with the Tzatziki and warm pita breads and a side salad of rocket, watercress and basil. It was absolutely delicious and one of the easiest meals I’ve ever had to prepare. Just delightful!

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  1. Hi Ally, hope you are keeping well & congratulation, i read your article in the “Good Housekeeping”

  2. Lovely! All those fresh flavours…perfect for a hot summers day ;o)

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