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Indian Spiced Roast Chicken

February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Indian-Spiced Roast Chicken

You know that feeling? That feeling of standing infront of an ingredient that you work with week in and week out. An ingredient that is very versatile but for some or other reason you have no ideas what to do with? That’s how I felt last week when I had two, beautiful and plump, free-range chickens in front of me but had no idea what to do with them. Of course I could go the tried and tested route and flavour it with lemon juice and lots of herbs but I wanted something different. Yet, I still wanted the familiarity associated with roast chicken and all the comfort it brings (can you tell I’m an indecisive person?).

Indian-Spiced Roast Chicken

I spent all day thinking of new ways to use this chicken and really just couldn’t come up with anything. Eventually I started going through my blog for inspiration (not something I do often, I must admit). I saw the Butter Chicken Grilled Chicken post and thought why not incorporate something along those lines with a whole chicken. And so, the Indian-spiced Roast Chicken was born. I made a simple marinade using yoghurt, curry paste (korma), garam masala and lime juice and smeared it under the chicken skin and all over the chicken. I also spooned the left-over marinade into the cavity of the chicken. The end result was juicy, tender and incredibly flavoured chicken that had me licking my fingers. I served the chicken with a cucumber and red onion salad and naan bread and it was a meal to remember! (Perfect for Valentine’s day actually!)

Indian-Spiced Roast Chicken

Then on another note, we have been working very hard on re-designing the Simply Delicious you are looking at right now. The new site is fresher, cleaner and prettier (in my opinion) and I have to thank my incredibly hard working and multi-talented husband, Chris for this re-vamp. He is the most incredible web-designer! The site will be launched tomorrow (15 February 2011) and I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.

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For the recipe for the Indian Spiced Roast Chicken, visit Simply Delicious

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