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The Ultimate BLT-Sandwich

March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Ultimate BLT-Sandwich

It’s confession time. Along with all my other food obsessions, I can now add sandwiches, in every way, shape and form to that list. I’m not talking about a cheese sandwich on ‘plastic’ bread or a regular peanut butter & syrup sandwich, I’m talking about good quality breads topped with simple but great ingredients cooked/prepared with love and attention. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you follow those guidelines.

The Ultimate BLT-Sandwich

Another confession, I never liked BLT sandwiches. They were always sub-standard and almost bland, the bacon being the only component to add any flavour. I felt the tomatoes washed out all the flavour and so steered clear of them since about 4 years ago. That was until I saw some dry-cured smoked streaky bacon from Woolworths last week and wanted to do something really special with it. The first and only idea I had was to make a BLT but I needed to amp it up.

The Ultimate BLT-Sandwich

I wanted to condense the tomato flavour and thought of making a really rich, chunky and thick tomato sauce but didn’t want this to make the sandwich too soggy or messy to eat. I then thought of roasting the tomatoes with garlic and thyme as I did this last year for a tart and the flavour was beautiful and intensely tomatoey. And this morning when I put “BLT” into Pinterest to see what it would bring up, what do I find? One of my recent food blog addictions, Not Without Saltdid something very similar last year, roasted tomatoes and all. Great minds think alike I think!

The Ultimate BLT-Sandwich

The key to making a really great BLT is to make sure that the ingredients you use are of the best quality you can afford/find. Using so-so bacon, bland tomatoes, below par lettuce and regular bread is just not going to deliver the type of sandwich you are after. I decided to stick to using good ‘ol Iceberg lettuce as I like the unobtrusive flavour and nice crunch it adds. As far as the bread goes, I had some sourdough and decided to lightly toast it but you could use ciabatta or baguette as well. And then to finish it all off, I made a smoked chilli aioli as I feel it’s important to have some kind of mayo on the sandwich. You could also just add some crushed garlic and chopped chillies to good quality shop-bought mayo but making your own is of course, so much better!

For the recipe for The Ultimate BLT, visit Simply Delicious

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