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Chocolate Truffle Tarts to Celebrate

March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that I shared some very (read: VERY VERY VERY) exciting news late last year. Before I get to that news here, on my blog, however, I need to start at the beginning.

I started my blog two and a half years ago when my twins were about 10/11 months. I was a stay-at-home-mom who had been a make-up and hair artist before I fell pregnant and had to stop working/studying due to being pregnant with twins (standing 12 hours a day is not exactly healthy when you are carrying twins). My blog was a way to not only share my recipes with friends and family but also to break away from that routine. The feed, change, play, sleep, repeat routine my husband and I found ourselves in (even though we loved it).

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

My blog started very small and when I look back at some of the content now, I am almost embarrassed at how bad the photo’s were but everyone has to start somewhere right? I learnt an awful lot that first year and my photo’s slowly got better and then at the end of 2010 I won two awards at the SA Blog Awards which was a bigger surprise than finding out I was pregnant with twins. After that I made a permanent move into the food world and I was over-the-moon about that. You see, I’ve always been a good cook and food lover and my family often asked me why I never went to chef’s school. That really was just not for me (I’m way too lazy), but this way of making food my career was just what I always wanted, I just never knew how to make it happen.

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

I started doing freelance styling for magazines and started thinking about a cookbook (which has always been my ultimate dream). In April 2011 I approached Penguin Books SA with a proposal and they said I have a few weeks to get a manuscript together before they can even consider it. This was just before Easter weekend and I spent an entire week in the kitchen baking, testing and tasting and within 8 days had my manuscript together. I, very hesitantly, sent it off and crossed my fingers behind my back. A few e-mails back and forth and a meeting or two followed and I soon got an e-mail with the subject : “Offer to publish Simply Delicious”.

I had to sit back for a few minutes and take it all in. I felt over-whelmed at the thought that I would be a published author. Me, the girl who always struggled to finish my essays in English, would be a published author. Soon after though the actual work started. The contract was signed and they told me they would like me to shoot and style the book myself. Which is wonderful of course but wow, what a big task for a non-professional photographer and stylist. I quickly acquired the necessary lenses and started sourcing props. With my amazing husband, Chris next to me, I started shooting and basically didn’t stop for 3 months straight (this was when I took my blogging hiatus at the end of 2011. Shooting a book and keeping a blog running is an impossible thing to do).

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

On the 1st of December I handed in my finished manuscript and now, we are busy with the proofs, cover design (which is GORGEOUS) and all those little bits and pieces. We ran into some trouble with the name however as Sharon Glass (amazing cookbook author) already has a book named Simply Delicious. We went through all our options and at the end decided to call the book : Simply & Delicious – Recipes From The Heart. Isn’t it just so beautiful? I find myself saying it over and over again, I love it so much. The book will be released in September 2012 and will be available in all major book stores as well as online (at Kalahari and Amazon if I have it correctly) so my International readers can also get their hands on a copy. More information will follow later as I’m not allowed to share any of the actual details yet, but I’ll keep you posted, promise!

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

And now, I leave you with this recipe for Chocolate truffle tarts with chocolate glaze in an Oreo crust. Decadent, delicious and easy. Just the thing to celebrate the biggest news of my professional career so far! Have a wonderful weekend!

For the recipe for Chocolate Truffle Tarts, visit Simply Delicious

6 responses to Chocolate Truffle Tarts to Celebrate

  1. Congratulations Ally, this is such wonderful news. I wish you all the very best. I also saw an article/write up about you in “Good Housekeeping”. Well done

  2. Squeel! I’m so happy for you and super proud. Oh wow! One of us is a published author of a recipe book. OMW!!!

  3. Congrats lady! you so deserve this! xxx

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