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Pasta with roasted tomatoes, bacon & oregano breadcrumbs

November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Pasta with roasted tomatoes, bacon & oregano breadcrumbs

Everyone needs a simple but stunning pasta recipe to pull out when inspiration has packed its bags and have bid you adieu. One of my favourites is the Roasted cherry tomato, ricotta & basil pesto pasta which I’ve cooked more times than I can remember. After a while though, these pastas become more of a staple than they should and you start getting tired of the tried and tested combination. As I needed a new pasta recipe (because I’ll be honest, I feel like my mojo is very slowly trickling out of me as we get closer to the end of the year), I decided to create this pasta.

Roasted Tomatoes   Roasted Tomatoes

Chris (the husband), will pretty much do anything for bacon. If I could give him pasta with bacon every night he will be happy. So I knew I wanted to include bacon in this New Pasta but I also didn’t want to add cream and the like because I wanted to keep it fresh and light. I decided to stick to the roasted tomatoes because, well, why wouldn’t you? Roasted tomatoes are one of life’s simplest pleasures. One of my biggest issues with an everyday pasta is that it lacks texture and I am a serious texture girl. I love crunch so I wanted to add lovely toasted breadcrumbs (more like little chunks) flavoured with olive oil and oregano.

Pasta with roasted tomatoes, bacon & oregano breadcrumbsFor the recipe, visit Simply Delicious



The end result was a seriously delicious pasta filled with tons of flavour and definitely one that will be used whenever I am left with no inspiration.

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