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My Aunt gave me a packet full of passion fruit picked straight from her vines. I couldn’t resist making something yummy from these beautiful plump fruit…although eating straight out their shells was delicious too. They sat on my counter for a few days. Then on Saturday afternoon while preparing a potato bake to take off to Brazen’s house I thought why not mix up some of the passion fruit juices with some pineapple juice and quickly place it in my ice cream machine for a quick-ish sorbet.

So what started out being a sorbet – then I threw in some milk at the last minute to make it go further, (which means its no longer a sorbet as sorbet contains no dairy). I’m guessing this is milk ice as it DOESN’T have a custard base so I can’t call it ice cream… YIP Milk Ice it is. And its DELICIOUS!


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  1. I truly enjoyed reading it. Waiting for some more great stuff like this from you in the coming days.

    • I can’t think of any meal that would incorporate shmirp into a dessert If you are allowed to prepare a main dish, I would suggest a Boulibase (a french fish stew). Then follow it with a simple dessert, using strawberries. Europeans often just have fruit for dessert.

  2. How about a Galette du Roi it is called a Kings cake, prttey simple as it is an all butter cake, one layer with a glaze and easy to make and transport. You could serve it with diced strawberries and a bit of jam as a sauce.

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