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Every one needs a few simple side dishes they can throw in the oven or in a pot on the stove and not have to worry. These side dishes should be relatively quick to prepare and always have a nice outcome, going with most things.

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Sometimes healthy eating is just a change in how you look at food…

In the past when I ate takeaways and tubs of ice cream and I needed to be more healthy and “diet” I would think “öh great now I have to cut out all this yummy stuff I love!”
I would begrudge myself and the food I ate. Instead of looking for delicious alternatives I would pout and sulk and be miserable. Years later and many mind shifts later – I see food in a totally different way. I still love a good pizza! but how I want to treat myself and my body has changed in my thinking.

Its a slight change over weeks and months and even years:
After slowly changing bit by bit - by doing the little things like cutting down on sugar and swopping fizzy cool drinks like Coke! (which is now a swear word in our house) to fruit juice and water.

Simply buy sparkling spring water and 100% real fruit juice with no additives and mix them together.
So when I felt like a coke I would reach for my “new” sparkling friend – juice and sparkling water and feel like i wasn’t depriving myself.

You see its the little things!
I no longer see food as a happiness pile of stuff to eat what I want. I see food as a source of health and yumminess! I want to treat my body right. Once you cut out bad items like coke and soft drinks filled with sugar  and stop eating sweets and candy bars and you feel great – after the initial  detox (headaches and flu symptoms)
I was so ALIVE and happy and well that when I went back to eating a piece of candy it made me feel yuk! It wasn’t that that sugar wasn’t nice in my mouth but the after effects just weren’t worth it.

After cutting out MSG and other additives and preservatives out of our diet for some time (months and months) we went to a braai and the food was taking long. The husband and I were getting hungry and there were bowls of flavoured crisps around so we started snacking. After eating several handfuls the food was finally ready and we ate. Now I didn’t have any alcohol of any kind but the next morning I woke up with hangover type symptoms – sore head and felt terrible. Just yukky and wanted to sleep! I realised after a while of waking up and trying to figure out what I ate and drank why I would feel this way and the only thing different were the MSG laden crisps (which we don’t eat! only plain salted allowed in our house)!! and that when it hit me – my disgusting hang over symptoms were from them – now I will never go back to eating crisps because I could feel what they were doing to my body!





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sunflower seed butter, jar
sunflower seed butter

Sunflower seed butter Recipe

This is one of those things that gets made in my house and gets divided out EQUALLY! As to not cause world war 3. Yes i know- crazy but true! We each get a jar labeled with our name so that we can’t blame each other for finishing the jar and then act like children blaming each other!

I think one of the reasons we value this yummy spread so much is because my husband is allergic to peanuts and some other nuts so we can’t just go to the shop and buy whatever nut butter we want and use it.
It is very yummy and we have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in the spread that we are eating plus we can buy the best quality ingredients to make it- eg, organic and pesticide free.FOR





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On an unrelated note: Can you believe this was taken with my cellphone?

Sometimes I am at my happiest when I am at my busiest! This is not to be confused with my happiness while on holiday (relaxing and reading in a sunny spot in a foreign place)- that is THE ULTIMATE.
But when we have to do normal life with work during non-holiday times then I love being busy. It makes time fly. It also makes for easy writing and inspiration. BUT it also doesn’t allow for much baking or photographing which = no recipe posts!!! Darn and sorry.

This month I am working on and looking forward to:

Judging: Being a food judge, this is a first for me but I am enjoying it thoroughly. Being asked to eat food at the V & A Waterfront in the Masters of the Trade Route Culinary Challenge  in which their restaurants are partaking to be the winner of the signature dish and title.  The fact that I get to eat at some of the restaurants and say what I think is even more fun than I thought it would be.

Advertising: I am so SUPER excited to have my first blog advertiser! I have been hoping for this day for so very long and now that it is here I am even more chuffed than I thought I would be. Please welcome yuppiechef to my side bar. Click the ad  – they have yummy kitchen equipment and I love their website so it was a natural choice to say yes to them.

Tasting a Legend: I finally got to eat some of the legendary Chef Luke Dale Roberts food at The Potluck Club on Wednesday night all thanks to The Big Green Egg – a ceramic braai of sorts. All the food was cooked on their ceramic braai’s and everything tastes so very yummy!  Which was very cool! I hope to own one – one day! To take a look at some of the food that I ate click here. (I chose the vegetarian option)

Farmers Market: My favorite market that I shop at weekly in Tokai every Saturday – The Earth Fair market opens in Noordhoek on a Thursday night (from 4pm onwards). Yay, I am looking forward to seeing how it will be – I am sure it will be the best of all their markets yet!

Instagram: I am loving Instagram and post photos on there most days. I never thought that a cellphone app would be as fun as this! search for me on Instagram @bettybake :) or you can look on your computer using an online website called webstagram or Statigram

I still check on my blog everyday and love reading the comments. So how are you? What are you looking forward to?

A bloggers journey :: Is it really worth it? from no where to foodie?

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Recently I have been wanting to incorporate more about myself into my blog.

You see when I started writing this blog I never dreamed people would be reading it and I simply just rambled on about what dinner I made (with a bad photo alongside) – often not even posting a recipe. Those were happy days.
Don’t get me wrong – I wanted people to read my blog but I felt no pressure to make brilliantly written posts or take great photos, I simply just chatted and posted whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
Then over time and reading other blogs I started to see beautiful blogs with thousands of readers – and oh boy did I want that! (Bloggers who got paid!) So I upped my game to better photos and started posting more recipes and less about stuff I liked. I decided if it wasn’t about food it didn’t belong on here. Then after some time I was invited to my first press launch and also went to my first review – YAY! I loved it! I felt so glamorous and important..  But along with those feeling I also put pressure on myself to make my blog more professional so I tried harder



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Sorry is that MEAT on your plate?

A few nights ago myself and the husband watched the documentary FORKS OVER KNIVES. Now it isn’t the most gripping documentary ever BUT it has enough evidence and facts in there to make you think about what you are doing to yourself every day!

WE ALL EAT EVERYDAY - whether it be for necessity to stay alive or for pleasure because you love food or to express your feelings of joy or sadness. But that means everyday we are making decisions about how our bodies will be … We can eat for health or for sickness! It really can be that simple.
Part of the documentary that really stuck with me is how they showed evidence that how the people  ate differently their bodies could turn cancer cells off or on just from their diet. And the same for the arteries around your heart. You can ensure your body is cholesterol free from making good food choices.

I know from my own personal lifestyle of food I have been making small changes over a long period of time. This hasn’t been an over night decision but a month by month and even years that I have been slowly changing.
If you look at my recipe posts from when I started this blog and compare the recipes that I cook now you will see more healthy choices, less meat and less sugar. I am now 95% Vegetarian. PLEASE don’t shout at me if you see a meat post on my blog. I have meat rarely and as a treat but it isn’t the norm!

Now back to FORKS OVER KNIVES : The main evidence of the documentary which they did huge studies which you should really watch is meat is a NO GO and refined sugars and refined starches and also VERY BAD! Also no dairy and eggs and only a whole food diet is recommended. Now most of this is easy for me as I have been slowly changing my lifestyle over the years and have got to a point now that I have

  •  lowered my sugar intake (barely have any refined sugars – only as a treat)
  • eating less meat
  • cutting out wheat and gluten (almost entirely – 1 treat maybe once a month!)
  • refusing to eat MSG, and bad additives like Aspartame etc..
  • reading labels – no E numbers and bad additives etc…




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On Thursday evening I attended an event called Taste of Cape Town in Green Point.

(Tents backed by the Green Point Stadium in the distance)

Taste of Cape Town happens over 4 days once a year. The event has an array of stall holders and restaurants that come together to show how delicious they are! ;)

(Tents in every direction)

For those of you who have never been or don’t live in Cape Town I would describe taste of Cape Town as: An outdoor event with rows of tents placed around a design for you to walk around – you can see,buy and taste various foods, drinks and yummy things.

After the sun set much fun and EATING was to be had! Every stall seemed inviting with the sides open ready for you to browse and taste.






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Everyone wants to give their child or someone special in their life a beautiful birthday party. But if you have tried to plan one you will know how much it can ALL add up… and quickly!
Just cause you have a budget doesn’t mean your party won’t be fabulously stylish and fun.

Here are a few tips I use when planning a party or get together. 

Bake things that go far but don’t cost very much like

  • Meringues which require 2 eggs and 100grams of sugar to make roughly 12 – 15 meringues.
  • Jelly/jello – you can use fresh fruit juice and gelatine place in molds and they look super cute when molded into shapes.
  • Fresh fruit chopped up into cubes and then threaded onto kebab sticks. (seasonal fruit would be cheapest and healthy)
  • scones – bake a big pile and place on a pretty plate then place beaten fresh cream, butter and 1 or more types of jams nearby in cute bowls for people to help themselves.
  • Potato wedges – take fresh potatoes rinse and slice up and cover with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and roast in the oven until tender and crispy – serve in jars or teacups and servewith sauce

EXTRA TIP* Make a lot of one or two things instead of having a bit of this and that as most people like to try everything. Rather they can have their fill on something than you run out of somethings making you look like you under catered.

Playing games instead of hiring entertainment! For kiddies there are games like:

  • Pass the parcel
  • scavenger hunt
  • dunking for apples
  • hide and seek
  • statues

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I am not a major food blogger, I haven’t won any awards and I don’t think I am the BEST! but I do feel after blogging for a few years that I have noticed a few things and this blog post is a pep talk to me for the days I feel like Im just not cutting it! 

1) Your Blog matters
Even if you only reach one person it IS OK! (If I only effect the life of one person then my blog has done its job…) Your writing mattered to someone out there

2) You are cool enough
There will ALWAYS be someone bigger than you. Suck it up. And Always be kind to someone smaller than you (blog wise or twitter wise) you were once there too.

3) Stats suck but look how far you’ve come
Don’t judge yourself against Mr or Mrs big blogger, take a step back and go look at your stats from a year ago – really do it!


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Wishing you a Happy and Beautiful Easter filled with Meaning, Love and Life :)

Whatever your reason for celebrating I know it will be stunning. May you be blessed and loved