A gem in Harfield Village

March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Being a Southern Suburber, I’m always keen to find quaint little eateries in the area.


I would like to give praise to a fairly new coffee shop, “Cafeen”. It is aesthetically the most beautiful place I’ve seen in a long time. Old, rustic ,vintage decor – where they found all these fantastic objects and furniture, I don’t know…My food stylist eye just sees prop potential left right and centre every time we go there!


Let me just commend them on their flat whites, not cappuccinos – FLAT WHITES, they are heaven in a cup! The second thing I’d like to commend them on is the fact that the owners are ALWAYS there, I feel somewhat more at ease when the owners are around, they run a tight ship. And the staff are efficient and friendly (partly due to the owners being there? Just an assumption).  Thirdly, Cafeen’s menu. They have kept it simple with a trendy breakfast and lunch menu with assorted pastries and cakes to choose from. I must be honest; I love it when a place does not have a huge overcompensating menu. When I see a large menu, I think, wastage, mistakes etc. Also I am the most indecisive person on the planet, so intriguing menus with limited choices are my preference. “Each to their own.”


We were late for breakfast so we chose something from the lunch menu. J had a massive homemade burger with half an avo, bacon and fried onions served with (I’m not exaggerating in the least) 6 -7 extremely large spicy potato wedges(more like roast potatoes).  I had a light and fluffy chicken and mushroom pancake covered with cheesy cheese sauce served with fresh creamy coleslaw (not the KFC kind!) and dressed garden salad. The quality of ingredients is amazing. The portions are very substantial, real value for money. Oh, they make yummy scrambled eggs – creamy, gooey and smooth(had that last time on fresh seed toast). Every time I go there, I feel so inspired! Do you have a little coffee retreat you enjoy going to for your personal time out?


A few of my other favourites are “Jaqui Daya” in Rondebosch and “Starlings” in Claremont area. They also have their own personal touch with a relaxing atmosphere. I don’t do franchise coffee shops – they never seem to be able to make proper coffees even though they are coffee shops!


My exception is Vida e café of course. My weakness.


So, that was my babble about another passion of mine. Coffee shops.

P.s I haven’t had any joy uploading any pics today, so watch this space for my not so meatless Monday’s Cheats Gourmet Hamburger with Cajun Roasted Sweet Potatoes.


C x

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  1. I have to agree with you … food was good and prices reasonable

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