Tuscan Style Roast Chicken

April 7, 2010 in Roasts

 This is something I make often, it’s basically chicken roasted with veggies. Tuscan sounds fancier if you are entertaining!


Serves 2 hungry adults


You will need:


4-5 Free range chicken pieces

1 onion, roughly chopped

1 large sweet potato, sliced

250 g baby tomatoes

2 cloves crushed garlic

A glug of olive oil

A good glug of Balsamic vinegar

Freshly ground S and P

fresh basil


Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Place all the chicken and veg in a roasting dish and toss with olive oil, balsamic, S and P.

Roast for 40 minutes.




Wala! top with some fresh basil (those are from our garden! so proud!)


We eat it just like this – it’s a meal on it’s own!


I’m so glad I can eat again! yippee!


 Last night we had the most delicious meal at Chai yo in Rondebosch. Assorted chicken, veg and prawn springrolls, HOT tom yum soup and CHOCOLATE spring rolls – yes I was craving spring rolls! Next time we go, it’s the deep fried bananas time to shine!


Since I was deprived from food for a week, I’m on the binge, so I am making Fudge today. The last time I made fudge was in my first year of training, so wish me luck! soft ball, hard ball, 115 degress…whatever!


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Have a fabulous week –  what’s left of it! yay!






8 responses to Tuscan Style Roast Chicken

  1. I love these type of dishes – this looks so good! Enjoy the rest of your day too! xxx

  2. Im so glad you are better Carey. Enjoy. Please pop over to my blog. I have posted something of interest to all food bloggers. Thanx. Hugs xx

  3. Tuscan looks fabulous. I love springrolls too, now you’ve gone & passed on a craving… :-)

  4. Looks so scrumptious…..and yes Tuscan sounds so much better!!

  5. roast chicken seems to be popular today! i’m off to defrost a chicken…mmm, which recipe shall i try lol

  6. ha ha! That’s so funny, everyone’s the a mood for chicken! Thanks all! P.S my fudge came out a success(shoooo), will upload recipe and photies soon xxx

  7. oops excuse the typos

  8. That chicken looks heavenly and I am sitting here scoffing the fudge from my easter egg …..hehehe … YUMMMMMMMMO xxx jan
    ps: so glad that you can eat again sweetie xx

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