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NoMu’s grand new offering

November 4, 2011 in Uncategorised

Hi foodie friends,

Ok we love NoMu, who doesn’t? The rubs (love, love), the fonds – oh what a product – I don’t ever have less than 2 bottles in my fridge – and now something new.

Well not quite new new, but they’ve come up with a great packaging solution. NoMu envelopes.

Nomu envelopes

I must say, I do marvel at Tracey and Paul’s fantastic energy and passion that they continually pump behind their brand. They’re constantly trying to improve and this is no exception.

They’ve brought out pouches. Funky black envelopes that get delivered to your door. Inside are 4 packets of different rubs (enough for several meals each) – for R59.99 – AND they’ll deliver anywhere in the world for free! Hallo, isn’t that just too cool?

I think it’s a great way to try new flavours that I wouldn’t usually try and I’ll just fill up my old tins with them. The envelopes and pouches are also all fully recyclable – way to go guys!

Nomu envelopes

Order through their online shop for one of these babies to be dropped to your door.

I think it’s a great gifting idea for the festive season too!

Lots of spiced up love,

Chef Caro xx

Caro de Waal