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Olive Pride Extra Virgin Olive Oil

December 20, 2011 in Food24Ed posts

Hi y’all,

I went to the launch of this a little while back and thought I should tell you all about it.

– it’s local!

– it’s really lovely

– it’s seriously well priced

Halloooo, time to go out and get some.

Here’s the PR spiel:

‘A premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in the breathtaking valley of Porterville in the Western Cape has been launched in South Africa.

Made from a blend of frantoio, leccino, coratina and mission olives, the brand new Olive Pride Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be available from retailers countrywide to cater to the needs of food lovers at an affordable price.’

Ok get this it’s going for between R49.99 and R54.99 for 500ml at Checkers which is pretty much the best price of Olive Oil around.

Cool hey?

Love and loads of Christmas carols,

Caro xxx

Featured bloggers

December 13, 2011 in Food24Ed posts

Here are some of our awesome bloggers that we think deserve a high 5.
Some have beautiful pictures, some have wonderful stories and all of them have gorgeous recipes and oodles of passion.

A special thanks for all your beautiful hard work and lickable food.

The Food24 Team.

Food and the Fabulous – recently voted SA’s top food blogger!


Bits of Carey – beautiful simple food with a Carey twist.


Janice Tripepi – our wonderful Italian mama who cooks from her heart.


My Easy Cooking – fantastic family food and beautiful styling.


Drizzle and Dip – one of SA”s top food stylists.


Sous Chef – wonderful stories and great food.

* I change these featured bloggers all the time so please don’t feel left out if you aren’t featured this week :-)



December 12, 2011 in Food24Ed posts

Congratulations are in order to The Food and the Fabulous for winning the Pick & Pay Best Food and Wine Blog 2011!

AND to Drizzle and Dip for coming in 2nd.

Well done to 2 amazing foodies who pour passion and life into their blogs.

The Food24 Team.

Scheckter’s Energy Drink

December 7, 2011 in Food24Ed posts

I attended the launch of Scheckter’s Organic Energy a couple of weeks ago at The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. Lovely launch and Mr Scheckter (Yes, THE Jody Scheckter) was there with his son Toby – the founder of this 100% organic Brazilian guarana drink (in layman’s terms an organic Red Bull).

So, we have here the the world’s 1st 100% natural, organic certified Fairtrade approved energy drink. Very nice. To be honest I can’t think why someone didn’t already do this considering how wildly popular Red Bull is. Perhaps someone has, but clearly nothing as cool and funky as this one. Seriously – check out their website – this little baby has it all!

I am a vegetarian

Now I love my brands – and I love Red Bull – I love the can, the colours, everything – I have been known to sing “If you wanna Vodka Red Bull with me babe all through the night…”  so I was keen to taste this drink as it seems a slightly healthier option. (Amazing how that one little word is so powerful… organic). They taste completely different from each other. Scheckter’s is also very sweet  but in a fruitier kind of way.

You’ll either like the taste or you wont. Good news for partiers though – it goes very nicely into cocktails – as demonstrated by the bartenders at our launch. I had it with Primitiv gin and watermelon juice – and it was delicious. Marian, pictured below, had one with Primitiv Vodka and strawberry juice. You can see we were very happy with our lot at the end of the night.

See how they run...

My friend Rob  boxes 3 times a week at a studio in Harrington Street. I gave him my case because he always used to have a can of Red Bull before a session. He now keeps nagging me for another case. I told him “Go and bladdy buy your own at Woolies or Wellness Warehouse – they are 20 bucks a can”

Reviewed by: Cath Shone




Rekordelig Cider

December 1, 2011 in Uncategorised

Three Swedish apple ciders arrived on my desk today. Luckily, Cath Shone can do amazing things with a spoon, so all three were ready for tasting in seconds. (What can I say? It’s December.)

Rekordelig Cider

Hello, I am from Sweden.











 We tasted three variants: Strawberry and Lime, Wild Berries and Pear Perry. Oh wait! The pear perry is not a pear-flavoured apple cider, it’s made from pears! Well, it was Cath’s favourite of the three, while I preferred the Wild Berries as they made me feel like I was in an Electric Kool Aid Test.

All in all? I’d rather have been drinking Everson’s, but that said… who knows what I’d like to spice up a boozy summer evening?

Reviewed by: Sam WIlson