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Rekordelig Cider

December 1, 2011 in Uncategorised

Three Swedish apple ciders arrived on my desk today. Luckily, Cath Shone can do amazing things with a spoon, so all three were ready for tasting in seconds. (What can I say? It’s December.)

Rekordelig Cider

Hello, I am from Sweden.











 We tasted three variants: Strawberry and Lime, Wild Berries and Pear Perry. Oh wait! The pear perry is not a pear-flavoured apple cider, it’s made from pears! Well, it was Cath’s favourite of the three, while I preferred the Wild Berries as they made me feel like I was in an Electric Kool Aid Test.

All in all? I’d rather have been drinking Everson’s, but that said… who knows what I’d like to spice up a boozy summer evening?

Reviewed by: Sam WIlson