Top 20 recipes of 2011

January 13, 2012 in Food24Ed posts

Hello scrumptious bloggers,

I put together an article this week based solely on the statistics of last year and I’m so happy to say that so many of you had created recipes that were on that list. High fives all around!

Top 20 recipes of 2011

You’ll note that the recipes are mostly down to earth, home-style food. This is the style of food that we feature on our big brother sites news24, mweb and and (through years of trial and error) is the food that gets les masses clicking and drooling all over their keyboards.

This does not mean you shouldn’t carry on designing astonishingly beautiful and interesting dishes! We adore showing off all your wonderful skills and general fabulous foodie-ness on food24.

Thanks for all your hard work and I am proud that I can be a part of showcasing your passion to the world.

With huge mounds of garlic,

Caro and the food24 team.

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