How to block SPAM in your food24 blog

February 15, 2012 in Food24Ed posts

Hi bloggers,

I have put together a simple wiki for how to activate your Akismet spam filter on your blog.
NB: You do not pay for anything!
Please follow my easy instructions with screen shots to help you on your way. It takes a few minutes and you will be on your way to spam free blogging.

Note: Please bear in mind that some spam does get through. Spam blockers block computers that are trawling the net, but if there are humans doing the spamming, it’s just a matter of deleting it. We have also installed an awesome spam blocker in our backend called Wanguard and it is doing some great work as we sleep :-).

Click here to go to the spam wiki.

Spam-free kisses,

Caro and the food24 team.


4 responses to How to block SPAM in your food24 blog

  1. I left a comment on this post last night, but it seems to have disappeared!!
    In case you never got it, thank you SO much for providing this blonde-friendly explanation, which I followed step-by-step … and am hoping to get more real comments than spam on my blog from now on!! :)

  2. Hi, please can you tell me how I stop the first pic in my blog being the one that appears on the home page? My biltong post has a pic of dried mango! and I don’t know how to change it.

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