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Nü Food at Food24

March 3, 2014 in Food24Ed posts

Nu Food
A white bag with just a little note on it came waltzing into the office with a small purple sticker labeled ‘.’  We’d been waiting to taste the fresh and featured products Nü Food has to offer but the line out the door daily, meant we hadn’t had the chance to stop by and check it out.  Luckily Nü read our minds.

Inside the delivered paper bag was a spritely salad, a wholesome bircher muesli and a fresh zesty chicken wrap.  Next to those came 4 refreshing smoothies all different, all delicious, all a great booster for our pre 3 o’clock coffee afternoon.

We always share our goodness, like the kids whose parents packed them the best school lunch.  Our work neighbour from Parent24 Robyn sipped on the ‘Minted’ fresh smoothie after trying the ‘Coffee Union’ and the ‘Healer’.

Nü is set for picking and choosing and as a pick me up lunch, it’s fantastic.  Their fresh vegetables in every dish translate into long lasting energy and they have a menu that could keep health nuts coming back for days and food lovers waiting in lines out the door (which is already happening).

Get over to Nü and tell us what you think.

The 10 most clicked on recipes of 2013

January 6, 2014 in Food24Ed posts

A round-up of your picks and clicks for the best recipes of the year.

top 10 recipes 2013

We’ve got the top picks for the past year of decadent, delicious, and tasty recipes of 2013. Some of the top 10 are from our very best bloggers, you guys! And we love you for it.

See if your recipes made it below and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2014!

baked nachos, recipes, popular recipes
10.  Baked nachos – Nachos layered with chilli con carne, sour cream and cheese, then baked to perfection.

chicken curry, recipes, popular recipes
9.  Chicken curry - A clever curry staple that can be whipped up from scratch.

sticky ribs, recipes, popular recipes
8. Roasted butternut, beetroot and avocado salad – Try this with a heavenly roasted garlic and herb dressing.

crustless amarula milk tart, recipes, popular reci
7.  Crustless Amarula milk tart – This recipe is too delicious for words!

white chocolate truffles, recipes, popular recipes
6.  White chocolate truffles  – White chocolate and cranberry truffles with pistachio nut dust.

sticky ribs, recipes, popular recipes
5. The ultimate spare ribs – The absolute best ribs you’ll ever taste.

beer can chicken, recipes, popular recipes
4.  Beer can chicken – Want to braai? Try this fantastic way to do an all over crispy skin on the fire. It’s extra tender and juicy too.

peppermint crisp tart, recipes, popular recipes
3.  Peppermint crisp tart – Need we say more? This is the ultimate South African pudding.

old fashioned milk tart, recipes, popular recipes
2. Old fashioned milk tart – This baked milk tart is a classic SA favourite!

sticky malva, recipes, popular recipes
1.  Sticky malva pudding – What’s a more South African dish than a beautifully buttery, sweet and sticky malva pudding?  There’ must be nothing, because this one was the most clicked by our entire Food24 community.

The Pot and Spoon pops-up in Durbanville

December 17, 2013 in Food24Ed posts

Photo: Yellow Papaya

The Pot & Spoon features chef Jaco Redelinghuys, above, and his flavourful combinations of fresh produce and well cooked savoury dishes.

After culinary school Redelinghuys wanted to venture out on his own and figured a pop-up restaurant would give him the freedom of creativity.

We do love a pop-up restaurant, here at Food24, so there was little hesitation to say yes to a night hosted by the Yellow Papaya ladies, Yolande and Simone.

With a brightly lit tree, biscuits and treats all around Studio Rose (the pop-up host), and wine that seemed to never stopped being poured, we couldn’t help but get into the festive spirit.

Look out for The Pot & Spoon featuring next year throughout the greater Cape Town area, it’s a warm, worthwhile and lovely evening all around.

Polenta, peach jelly with Gorgonzola mousse and bacon

Salmon starters

Jaco’s food philosophy: ‘keeping it simple but still interesting, letting the food speak for itself.’

From tender Beef Wellington to a poached peach with a salty nutty crunch, Redelinghuys carefully attends to every detail and texture of his dish. 

Smoked salt to take home.



What’s your Mayan Menu? Join us for the #Food24chat Thurs2pm: your last meal on earth!

December 12, 2012 in Food24Ed posts

food24chat-dec Mayan Menu

Dear food lovers and food bloggers,

We are hosting our next #food24chat and the topic is: Mayan Menu : your last meal on earth.  What’s more fun than talking about the best 3 course (or more depending on how serious you are) menu you could ever eat?

Wondering how our #Food24Chat works?  It’s super easy and we’ve got all the details here.

We love our food bloggers oh, so much, and if the world is going to end, we want to be chatting about our favourite subject, food.

So join us Thursday at 2pm, bring your friends, parents (are they on twitter?), kids (have those clever kindertjies show you how) and whoever else you want to share your last remaining meal with.

Ask your questions, share your answers, and maybe we’ll give out a prize or two.

Join us!

Rekordelig Cider

December 1, 2011 in Uncategorised

Three Swedish apple ciders arrived on my desk today. Luckily, Cath Shone can do amazing things with a spoon, so all three were ready for tasting in seconds. (What can I say? It’s December.)

Rekordelig Cider

Hello, I am from Sweden.











 We tasted three variants: Strawberry and Lime, Wild Berries and Pear Perry. Oh wait! The pear perry is not a pear-flavoured apple cider, it’s made from pears! Well, it was Cath’s favourite of the three, while I preferred the Wild Berries as they made me feel like I was in an Electric Kool Aid Test.

All in all? I’d rather have been drinking Everson’s, but that said… who knows what I’d like to spice up a boozy summer evening?

Reviewed by: Sam WIlson

Welcome to your shiny new platform!

November 28, 2011 in Food24Ed posts

Hello beautiful foodies,

You have arrived at our brand new WordPress platform designed specifically for you. Now don’t panic, you’ll be whizzing around in 2 cracks of black pepper.

We have compiled a special Help Wiki for you to get familiar with your new toy. Take a look!

There’s also an in depth FAQ’s section for all your burning questions and a detailed section on Creating a Post. Please have a lovely slow read through all of the material and then you can start playing.

If you have any queries please do mail or and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

NB! Two small problems: 1) The Search is still a little wonky so bear with us for a day or so and 2) The Facebook plugin is not working 100% either. We’re working on it and hope to have it up asap.

Yours in bloggy happiness,

The Food24 team.