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Braai’t ideas

September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, so tomorrow is Heritage Day … aka Braai Day.

But my sons and I are all natural blondes (and sometimes slow), so we’ve decided to have our Braai Day on Sunday.

We’re also all more-than-slightly genetically challenged in the braai department.

I don’t admit to this lightly … our recent first-attempt at using the built-in braai at our new house was slightly less than successful. We were advised (after the fact) that using up the anthracite from our old house wasn’t the brightest idea we’d had this century.

You don’t say? Hell, even the cheese on the ‘braai-broodtjies’ my friend insisted on making didn’t melt & the wors was still raw after 30 minutes … we eventually resorted to using the kitchen facilities, which were so much more effective.

Younger Teen (14) and I enjoyed a more impressive braai 2 weeks ago.

Briquettes are clearly a much better idea than anthracite!

But we’ve never been a real braai-family & are all in the mood to change this un-heritagelike attitude.

So, as I said, we’re having a braai on Sunday … and the boys have suggested inviting Sue Chef & Himself to join us.

Does anyone have any braai’t suggestions for what we should serve?

The Teens & I will go through any (oh, please let there be some, otherwise our guests will starve) suggestions here & I’ll post  the results, regardless of what they look like! Wink

6 responses to Braai’t ideas

  1. Personally I think your guests would love some half lobsters with lemon garlic butter to start, followed by a nice fillet of beef with a Bearnaise sauce, then a nice simple pud.

  2. HAHAHA!!!! I wonder if the guests will get that???? Any salads???

  3. HAHA!!! Anthracite????? Noooooooo…….We are having our braai tomorrow. I am making a really nice baked sweet potato dish with brown sugar, lemon zest and juice, butter and black pepper, all baked until cooked and bubbling in the oven at about 190deg. Enjoy your braai with your lovely visitors xx

  4. Sue – LMAO!! I need to phone my guests … they asked me to tell them if there was anything they could bring!! ;-)

  5. Anthracite just doesn’t make for a successful braai!
    Your sweet potato bake sounds great! We’re also having ours today, as our lovely guests wouldn’t have been able to join us tomorrow. :)

  6. Oh cool! Enjoy!! Hope the guests bring the lobsters and beef fillet……the bearnaise sauce too….I wonder if there will be space for chops and boerie and ribbetjies or sosaties…..hehe xx

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