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Meat-free Monday – Summery Gazpacho

February 26, 2012 in Mains, Veggies

It’s been too hot to even think of cooking this weekend … that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! :)

I adapted this recipe from one I copied yonks ago from one of the many diet-books I’ve owned over the years. It’s absolutely delicious, with no hint of being a ‘diet’ recipe. It’s also a perfect light & refreshing meal for a baking-hot meat-free Monday.


Finely chop the following ingredients & toss them all into a large glass bowl (I always use my 2 litre Pyrex jug, which is the ideal size):

2 large tomatoes, peeled & seeded

6 – 8 celery fingers

5 inches cucumber, seeded

1 green pepper, seeded

120g spring onions

1 large clove garlic

The finely-chopped veggies, waiting for the liquids to be added!

To the chopped vegetables, add the following:

1 litre tomato juice

2 Tblspns white wine vinegar

2 Tblspns olive oil

2 Tblspns chopped parsley

1 tspn salt

1/2 tspn freshly-ground black pepper

1 tspn Worcestershire sauce

Combine everything, cover with clingwrap and refrigerate overnight.

Serve cold.

Chilled gazpacho - refreshing & healthy!



9 responses to Meat-free Monday – Summery Gazpacho

  1. It looks lovely, fresh and summery!

  2. ooohhh Wow this looks great. What would I use instead of the Worcestershire sce to make it a completely veg dish?

    • Hi Flee, thanks for the visit. :)
      I’ve just checked the blurb on my bottle of W-sauce (Maggi) and there’s no reference to any animal products on the ingredient list but, not being a vegetarian myself, I’m not sure exactly what prevents you from using it.
      You could just as easily omit the sauce, it’s presence doesn’t make-or-break the recipe. I’d love to hear how it turns out for you!

      • Hi Blondie… Thanks so much, will def be giving this a try. Unfortunately most W-Sces contain Anchovies, and sadly a lot of bottles still dont correctly list this. Check this out: Anyway thanks again for the recipe will give it a schlurp…

        • Wow, I’ve just learned something new! I thought all SA products had to specify all of their ingredients, and my bottle of W-sauce doesn’t mention anchovies!
          I’m glad you’re willing to give my recipe a try & hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

          • Hiya,
            A lot of people would stop eating a lot of things if they actually know what was inside them LOL….
            Will let you know how it goes… Have an awesome day

  3. OOhhhh My Goodly gosh Blondie.. Num Num NUm…. Made last night, couldnt wait and just had it for breakie… Wow… I actually added just the smallest splash of Tabasco, (instead of W-Sce LOL).. It just gave it a little zing Yummmmyyy… Will be on my lazy hot weekend menu for Def… Thanks mills :-)

    • I’m SO glad you made it & enjoyed it (and let me know)! It’s so easy, but so yummy!
      Have a great weekend :)

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