War of the Beer Roses

November 5, 2012 in Beer

It’s done! My die is cast, my shot is taken, my goose is cooked and my hand is shown. And that’s quite enough clichés for a Sunday morning. Yes, I finally put my beer in the bottles and now all I can do is sit and wait. And since there is little I or anyone can do about it now, I thought I’d reveal the source of all my secrets – the amazing Lynnae Endersby from Beer Lab.

Lynnae set up her business quite recently following a lay-off from Media24 (I love it when people use redundancy as a springboard to act on their dreams. Got me to SA and that was the best thing I ever did) and since she turned her front room into a shop, her life has gone crazy. This chick is a serious beer-fundi. She’s brewed it for years, goes to bed with books on yeast and now concentrates on teaching other people and selling them the kit they need to make their own. She’s moving premises at the moment to Pinelands but you can still contact her on her website www.beerlab.co.za. If you start your brew now, it should be perfect for Christmas and if you really want to please the special person in your life (and note, I didn’t say ‘man’ cos chicks love beer too), then sign ‘em up for a course and get them a starter kit. I am – and I think it will be the best pressie he’s ever had.

Mind you – after all this, I’d better bloody win this competition. Lynnae says she has full confidence in me and has even said she wants to taste my beer when it’s done – I think it’s to check if I cocked up her instructions or not. She’s also been helping my rival in beer – Stephanie B – who incidentally and curiously also has a Yorkshire connection in her brewing story, because her chap hails from Sheffield. I think we should bill this as the new War of the Roses – 2 beers, both made with Yorkshire love, both advised by the same Homebrewing Queen, but only one winner (all this said in dramatic movie announcer voice). Who has the date with destiny? Which one will have what it takes to win the ultimate prize? Coming soon to a beer festival near you – The War of the Beer Roses. South Yorkshire vs West – I’m betting and hoping the West will win the day.

Washing the bottles in the bath


…and finally the beer emerges.

One plop! Two plop! in go the carbonation drops

Last but not least the capping

4 responses to War of the Beer Roses

  1. Best of luck with the competition!

  2. You even bottled the beer!! Awesome stuff – hold thumbs for you to win!!

  3. I’m know you will win, Go Cathy Go!

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