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“Braai tart” – Polenta, Mushroom and Bacon tart

March 14, 2012 in Tarts

Polenta, mushroom and bacon tart

Like every other Saturday my husband have the urge to “braai”. This ritual starts in Spring and continues well into the winter. Yip that’s my hubby! , facing the icy cold winters of the Highveld armed with his beanie, winter jacket and a scarf and his bottle of mixed spices turning ordinary lamb chops into succulent little dreams.

Unfortunately the side dishes is not his forte’, instead he likes to order me around. His favorite would be “pap tert” (a maize meal tart).

I decided it is about time that we jazz up the old maize tart a bit, you know, making it a bit more sophisticated, so instead of using ordinary maize meal in boring layers I used Polenta instead.

To all the vegetarians out there, feel free to remove the bacon from this recipe, I would’ve but my husband is a carnivore and he tends to get a bit grumpy if there is no extra meat in a savory tart!

Follow the link for the recipe

3 responses to “Braai tart” – Polenta, Mushroom and Bacon tart

  1. Oh this looks lovely!

  2. OMWord that looks incredible! Never been a fan of “pap” so this will completely dazzle our up-country visitors!
    Helen — Sea Point

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