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Guilt-free Chocolate Brownies

March 18, 2012 in Brownies

Guilt-free Chocolate Brownies

I had this crazy urge to bake something sweet this weekend, as I was about to prepare the pancake batter the sun came out.

I don’t know about you but I cannot bake or eat a pancake if the sun is shining, it is just totally wrong! Pancake is for cold and rainy days to be enjoyed under a blanket on the coach with a steaming mug of hot Coffee. So on that note I made Chocolate brownies instead.

This is probably the healthiest Chocolate brownies you will ever eat! This Brownie equals one slice of bread, so if you are watching your diet swap out a  1 x carb for this sweet treat.

Follow the link for the recipe

4 responses to Guilt-free Chocolate Brownies

  1. I like the sound of this one! Going to check out the recipe.

  2. Hi!! This looks like an awesome idea, but I’ve read up a bit and everybody says if you replace fat with either beans or fruit you should only do it with half of the amount? But i see that there is NO butter in this recipe. Does the fat in the beans make up for that?

    • Max said on April 6, 2012

      Hi Karien, I believe so. I couldn’t believe that it would actually taste as good as it does without the fat and that is why I love recipes with beans in so much!

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