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Tomato and Olive Braai bread

March 25, 2012 in Bread

Tomato and Olive Braai bread

Ok, this will be the last indulgence for the week….

You simply have to” braai” before you go on a diet, and what is a “braai” without the bread?

For the next six weeks I will be dieting like a mad woman, exercising like crazy and cooking much much, much, healthier meals.

Why am I doing this? Well we have a little in-house competition. The person to shed the most kilo’s and centimeters around the waist in the next six weeks win a R 1000.00 to spend as they please….Yeahhhh!  Naturally my husband and son believe that they will be each other’s biggest competition, off course I know better.

Tomato and Olive "braai" bread

Follow the link for the recipe

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  1. aahh – men can be sooo gullible – just show them, Max. Have been enjoying your recipes. Good luck with diet – its a clever incentive.

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