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Low GI Pancakes

April 7, 2012 in Pancakes

Low GI pancakes

If you have time on hand this Easter Weekend than do yourself a favour and try this recipe.

You won’t believe how good it taste considering the fact that this a low GI recipe. I love this recipe because it makes only 6 pancakes, although I normally get 10 out of the batter since I like my pancakes a bit thinner. Feel free to double the batter, personally I  just don’t like the temptation of having to face a mountain of pancakes when I was only supposed to eat 2!

They taste just as great with a savory filling for a light meal and it’s perfect for the kids lunch boxes.

Follow the link for the recipe

2 responses to Low GI Pancakes

  1. I make mine with my crepe maker which makes them very thin, but I have to say I would like yours smothered with cream, maple syrup and nuts! *sigh*

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