The food of my culture is the food of my soul …

November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Food is central to our cultural heritage and traditions and we looked forward enormously to this day. The day that Janice Tripepi and Thulu Gogela entered the Dinner Diva kitchen to cook the food of their souls: Italian by Jan and African by Thuli.

Jan’s cultural influence was adopted when she married her Italian Tricky Ricky as she refers to him. She described her blog for the judges as: ” I will never forget my first mouthful of Italian food!  Choirs of angels sang, my heart opened up like the first flower in spring and my world was changed forever.  From that moment on I spent every spare hour in the kitchen with Nonna Lilly where she lovingly shared the benefit of generations of Italian food, language and culture. My blog is my way of sharing this treasure trove and is a tribute to her kindness and generosity.  I blog with her voice and bring my readers into my kitchen where we cook her amazing food together one step at a time.  Italians speak to each other through food.  The dinner table is where we celebrate loves lost and found, our successes and failures.  Its where, no matter the occasion, we find unity, peace and joy in life’s daily lessons and my blog speaks that special language called ‘Eataly”.

Don’t you just LUV it!?

Thuli described her blog as: “My blog celebrates life by sharing the legacy of Southern African traditional dishes and so, preserves it for our future.  Yet, it also modernises and showcases newly-developed traditional dishes.  I try to create a sense of pride to those who consume these dishes as they were inherited from our great-grand-parents.  It also aims at encouraging people to cook and practice cooking the dishes.  Nowadays, young and old people make massive use of the Internet and the blog serves as an effective medium to reach interested audiences anywhere in the world at anytime.”

Andrew Lieber, editor of the hugely popular online publication Gourmet Guys joins us today as the last of our panel of 5 judges. His knowledge of brand management of fast-moving consumer goods (aka groceries in general :-)) and online publications and their marketing adds value to the judging and voting. He will be in several future episodes (with a variety of the other 4 judges) and his advice and comments are invaluable for bloggers who are serious in turning their passionate hobby onto a future money-spinner.

This week we see episode 4. Click here to see a sneak preview of this episode…

That means two more episodes to go before we get to the semi finals! We can’t wait!

Meanwhile, here are some happy snappies of two of our favourite Divas. Don’t forget to watch SABC2 Saturday 8:30 am (Channel 192 on DSTV) and come back on Monday to get your share of our favourite recipes from this episode.

The early and cold walk

The ‘calm’ before the storm

No storm, only lekker cooking!

Andrew Lieber, new kid on the (chopping) block!



12 responses to The food of my culture is the food of my soul …

  1. I am so excited to see these two Divas cooking up a storm and to see Andrew in action! Go ladies!

    • Thank you Anél! They were great! And so were you…! We got ENORMOUSLY good reviews and fanmail from your episode. Hope you did too?

  2. this is going to be an amazing round & cant wait to feast my eyes on this episode

    • It is indeed AB FAB gorgeous! We finished editing your episode today and it is equally gorgeous! We dissed all pretense of loyalty …… EVERYBODY is our favourite we are utterly and totally smitten with you all. From the editors, to the voice over artist! And off course grumpy gramma is smiling ear-to-ear…. we are eggstatic (Nulaid, of course) when she is happy. Go figure.

  3. Cant wait to see these two Divas in action.

  4. This one I definately am not missing!!
    Good luck to you both!!

  5. Absolutely loved this round!always read janice blog!was awesome seeing her on telly!

  6. Loved your chicken dish Janice. My type of food. I am definately going to try this one. Lovely presentation!

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