The Language of Love

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This week is our last Semi-Final episode in which we have three contestants in the Dinner Diva kitchen for the first time.  They are formidable cooks, and really gave it their all for a spot in the Finals!  The three Divas are Kristy Snell, Janice Tripepi and Nina Timm.  Their love and passion for what they do can be seen (and tasted) in everything they prepare, but their style is as individual as their fingerprints.  From Jan’s vibrant Italian, to decadent indulgence with Nina and Kristy’s modern flair and dare.  Watching them cook will inspire anybody to don an apron and tackle the pantry.  Watch this Saturday, SABC 2 (DSTV channel 192), 8h30 to see how the last semi-finalists scramble for the top!

Kristy Snell vs. Janice Tripepi vs. Nina Timm

 Kristy’s Menu – Christmas Lunch

 Spinach and Butternut Rotolo with a burnt butter and sage sauce
Spiced Duck Breast with a Sweet and Sour Orange and Green Peppercorn Sauce
Dauphinoise potatoes
Wokked Spinach
Pork and Peach Stuffing
Apple Tarte Tatin


This is how Kristy describes her feast:

“Food is more than simply a sustenance; it is love, family, pride and a wonderfully unifying element – every family celebration is revolved around food.  Christmas, like no other celebration, embodies this the best: a day that families and friends unite for one glorious day of over-indulgence. A day that sisters’ that usually fight are suddenly best friends; a day that cooking three roasts is completely acceptable (and expected);  a day that ends when the last drop of wine is drunk and the leftover food is packed away for boxing day snacks. A day of excess: where food and love knows no limit. In short: it’s my favourite day!”

 Janice’s Menu – Wedding rehearsal

Insalata di Frutti di Mare (Seafood Salad)
Calamari Ripieni
Dorado in Padella con Fettuccine
Sugo di Finocchi e Porri (Fennel and Leek Pasta Sauce)
Fragole al Cinzano con Zabaglione


She describes her feast:

“Nothing gets la famiglia Tripepi more excited than a Tripepi wedding.  The hint of one starts a tsunami of wedding related celebrations.   New suits are the order of the day as uncles and cousins have either grown in height but mostly in girth and the ladies rush around ordering wedding regalia.  Bridesmaids and flower girls all in a row are paired with best friends and cousins and the mere mention of a pre-wedding gathering requires food and lots of it.  Aunties’ line up offering up their specialities for bridal showers and bachelor weekends and all this is wrapped up in massive bows of laughter.  The wedding rehearsal dinner is the last dinner before the big event and must be special as it serves to unite two families as one with the promise of a beautiful future and hopefully a few more Tripepi bambini.  This summer wedding, set on the sun kissed shores of KwaZulu Natal is a seafood celebration.  My wedding rehearsal dinner menu is light yet celebratory and will take these two families by the hand and join them together on a seafood adventure.  Benvenuti nella famiglia …”

 Nina’s Menu – Celebrating being a Woman

 Granadilla Mousse Cake
Mini Quiche Assortment
Festive Meringue Roulade
Smoked Mackerel and Watercress Sandwiches

And this is how Nina describes her feast:

“Today I celebrate being a woman and I am celebrating with three very special women who have/had the most impact on my life. My Mom, my sister and my friend. They have helped, supported and rejoiced with me throughout my life. They are with me, always, though the ebbs and the flows of my life. I can always rely on them and I trust them completely. They are all so uniquely special and I cannot imagine my life without them. Today is my turn to treat them to something special… A tea in my garden!”

From next week our top three will face the heat in three gruelling challenges over three episodes.  Don’t miss it!

For recipes of past episodes, visit the Dinner Diva page on I Love Cooking.

You gotta love it!

Until next week when I post some of their lovely recipes.

Cheers ;-),



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  1. I could slaughter a quarter of that gorgeous cake NOW! See ya Saturday girls xxx

  2. See you too Jan, next time you are in CT, I’ll bake a cake and we have a tea party!

  3. Good luck ladies! Looking forward to the show.

  4. I’ve been really looking forward to this episode and I know these ladies won’t disappoint :) xx

  5. cant wait to watch this episode, and i think we need to have a reunion–each of make a special dish and have a major tea party!!

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