Three finalists, three challenges, one winner…

December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Dinner Diva finals have arrived, and the top three will have to whip up some serious meals to impress the judges.  They are Kristy Snell (foodmonger), Janice Tripepi (janicetripepi) and Anél Potgieter (lifeisazoobiscuit).  These foodies have very different styles of cooking and we love them for that.  Kristy’s creativity will put a smile on your face every time, and Anél will bowl you over with her bold inventiveness, then Mama Jan will inspire with loads of flavour and Italian generosity.

In this round, the Divas will not be given the opportunity to prepare a menu in advance like they could in the previous rounds; they will be given each challenge on the day they have to cook!  It is seriously nerve wracking, but then, this is the finals! 

This Saturday the three finalists will cook against each other in a mystery basket challenge.  They will each be given a basket filled with the same ingredients and their cooking stations will all have exactly the same cooking tools and utensils.  The objective:  to create a family meal using only the ingredients they were given in the basket in 45 minutes.  And, they will get to meet the judges for the first time, as the judges will taste the food at their cooking stations.  As usual, the scores will be kept a secret until the final episode.

So… wondering what our Divas will be cooking?  Well, you will have to watch this Saturday, SABC 2 (DSTV channel 192) at 8:30 to find out. 

Happy guessing!  Untill next week, when I will post some of their recipes.

 Hope you have a Divaain weekend.


4 responses to Three finalists, three challenges, one winner…

  1. Lovely post Michele. I’m so looking forward to the finals but as we get closer to the Christmas the weekends are getting more hectic so I will have to wait until I get the dropbox edition to see my favourite Divas :) xx

    • Good Morning Tami. Thank you very much! Yes, I know its really getting hectic :) I can send you the Dropbox or Vimeo link if you want.

  2. Oh My what a wonderful “build up” cant wait to watch them

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