Ina Garten’s chicken Parmesan

December 15, 2011 in recipes

This is one of those decadently delicious recipes that everyone will enjoy.  I mean who doesn’t want a succulent piece of chicken smothered in herbs, crumbs and Parmesan cheese that is fried in olive oil and butter until golden brown.

It is also very quick and easy to make, so you could have supper made within 20 minutes.

Its based on Ina Garten’s recipe which I saw on ‘The Barefoot Contessa’ the other day.

I used the Mediterranean Delicacies Parmesan style cheese which is soft and creamy, but the Mediterranean Delicacies ready grated Parmesan cheese which you will find in your deli section works perfectly too. Ina recommends serving this with a simple salad of green leaves with shaved Parmesan and all tossed in a lemony vinaigrette.  So that is exactly what I did.

Recipe: (for 4 – 5 breasts) …on Drizzle and Dip

5 responses to Ina Garten’s chicken Parmesan

  1. This looks absolute tasty! Love the idea of parmesan cheese with it.

  2. This looks like the perfect summer meal!!
    Happy New Year :)

  3. It looks and sounds so good I am going to try it tonight. I am hungry already and dinner is 3 hours away.

  4. Battling to reply – love this darling! Awesome – have a great year xxx jan

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