vegetable & mushroom phyllo strudel’s

January 20, 2013 in baking, recipes, vegetarian

I was inspired to make this recipe for a few reasons. The first being when I cleaned out my chest freezer I found an oldish roll of phyllo pastry which needed to be used. The second was seeing a recipe on Pinterest for a vegetable strudel which looked stunning and sparked the idea of a savoury strudel. And the third was needing to clear a few leftover veggies lying around my fridge because I hate wasting food.

My original intention was to add feta to the veggies, but I forgot to put it in, but this would make it even nicer and more of a complete vegetarian meal.

To check out information on how to make these pies and ways to handle phyllo, visit Drizzle and Dip.

This is a perfect and complete vegetarian supper, but can also be served as bit of a showy side dish for any meat, chicken or fish.

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3 responses to vegetable & mushroom phyllo strudel’s

  1. Those look delicious! It’s a shame that where I live we have a very poor selection of mushrooms to choose from. White button and Portobello seem to be all you can find at the local supermarket. Mind you even those are nice to eat….

  2. Such nice pictures and this sounds really good. Getting more vegetables into the diet is always a good thing. I am trying out some new recipes and will have to try this.

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