jamie olivers fennel and radish salad

February 4, 2013 in recipes, vegetarian, very easy - 5 ingredients or less

fennel and radish salad

I was alerted to this recipe by a friend recently, who said she had heard about it from a friend of hers. One of those by-word-of-mouth legendary recipes. I was immediately intrigued and went rummaging through my Jamie Oliver cookbooks and found it in his very first one – ‘The Naked Chef’. The one where he looks so very young on the cover.

I’m not a mega fan of fennel, although it has to be said that this aniseedy vegetable is definitely growing on me. I quite like radish, but I wouldn’t want it to take center stage. When put together this salad of the two ingredients with a very simple dressing of lemon juice and olive oil is simply spectacular.

In terms of quantities make as big a salad as you will need working on a ratio of 2 parts fennel to 1 part radish.

There are a few little things you need to do to ensure this is a success and they are:

Recipe details on Drizzle & Dip

fennel and radish salad

It consists of two ingredients, fennel and radish, and then a very simply salad dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

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