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Russel Wasserfall and Samanta Linsell Food photography and styling course

I am teaming up with the amazing and highly talented photographer Russel Wasserfall to present  our third comprehensive two day hands on workshop on Food Photography and Styling, and we invite you to join us.

About the Photography

Russel Wasserfall takes you through the steps you need to follow to become a confident and accomplished food photographer. He begins with switching on the camera and takes you through the technical and creative stepping-stones to shooting magazine-quality food photos. You will go away equipped with the skills to create a little studio at home, assess and manipulate light, stop fighting with your camera and make it do what you want. Most of all you will have the tools and understanding to constantly assess and improve your photography.

Russel Wasserfall

Rissel Wasserfall photography

About the Styling

Food photography and styling go hand in hand and I will cover the ways in which you can improve your food image through propping, food preparation and composition. I will take you through a few tips of the trade and show you a few handy tools. We will look at ways to arrange the same dish using different styles, and help you understand themes. I will address a few styling challenges, offer solutions and generally be on hand to share my knowledge as a professional food stylist in a fun and interactive way.

Russel and I will work with natural light and guide you to create beautiful food images and styled sets.

Samantha Linsell

Who should attend?

This course is for food and photography enthusiasts who want to understand what it takes to make usable and high quality food images for their blogs, as a profession, or simply as a hobby. It is strongly advisable that the attendees own a Digital SLR with interchangeable lenses or have the intention to buy one. On the course you will be able to seek advice on the best gear for the kind of photography you intend doing. Alternatively, we will show you how to get the best out of your existing equipment. We take you from switching the camera on to making beautiful food images in the course of two days.


21 & 22 November (Thursday / Friday)


At The Restaurant at Overgaauw in Stellenbosch. 


R5500 per person

(This includes a lunch on both days as well as all food used in the workshops)

In order to gain the maximum benefit from the course, spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people. This is a unique opportunity and not to be missed.

To book your place or for more details on the course, please email me on:  Slinsell (@) gmail (dot) com

You can view Russel’s professional website here and Sams site here, as well as Sam’s website – Drizzle and Dip  home to her professional photography portfolio.

To check out how it looked on our first course – click here.

What our past students said:

“Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you and Russel for being so generous in sharing your knowledge and experience the weekend of the workshop and your ongoing assistance afterwards as well.
I have searched for a number years to find a creative outlet I so desperately needed and I am having huge fun with my food photography and the styling/recipe writing etc experience around it. And without that weekend I would not have any of the confidence to even give it a good try. I am getting amazing feedback and just love doing my weekly posts.” Hein

“Thanks once again for a fantastic two days – I wish we could have continued for another 2 days as I’m sure there is still so much to learn. Your passion is so visible and so addictive – loved every second of it !  A special thanks also to Sarah for the x-tra attention and also for Camilla for the absolutely amazing amazing food ! – Kosie

A few pics from our past course:

Food photography and styling course

Russel talks about the first course:

‘Our last food photography and styling course at The Table restaurant just reminded me why I started running courses. This was the first one I did with Sam Linsell, and that was an education in itself. Sam is such a great stylist because she really lives her craft. If she isn’t actually working, she’s shopping for props, or cooking and styling and shooting for her blog. Her enthusiasm is palpable, and completely inspiring – she also taught this slightly battered photographer a few new tricks.

Speaking of new tricks, that was the reminder: I do these courses because of what I learn. I remember when Sophia Lindhop did the course – she couldn’t even switch her camera on to start with, but she completely inspired me with her eye. We discussed the Thirds Rule and she did something that completely changed my perspective on food photography. She used Thirds and the depth of field lesson we had just completed to create an image that made me reassess how I built a still life photo. Cracker. It’s so amazing that someone who literally is too afraid of the technology to hold it properly can produce a show-stopping image.

On the course with Sam, there were a few show-stoppers, many of them produced with the simplest of SLR’s. There were also great learning moments. One of the students showed me an image with an interesting effect. He wanted to know how it was achieved. Because it was a style that was trendy in food shooter circles a while back and things had moved on, it was a bit of a forgotten technique for me. Trying to explain it made me access a body of knowledge I hadn’t considered for years. (You have to do the course to find out what it was.)

It’s amazing that the technology has actually made it easier to teach the basics of photography in a very short time. It’s equally cool that short-circuiting years of learning allows people who might never have picked up a camera to express such intense creativity. It all makes me a very happy – if somewhat dented – photographer’.

Food photography and styling course

Food photography and styling course


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