The Still Life of a Burger

October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

A take on a 16th Century Banquet




I finally have a new keyboard, in other words I have a functioning “a” and “s” key – I so very much missed using words like sausages, ass(es), smack, snake, and snail. Having to copy and paste “s’s” and “a’s” lost its charm rapidly . I can now so easily write scissors, sissy, and Smeagol – what a delight. I no longer have to revert to using bizarre teenage code-like l@ngu@ge; instead I can now (if I so wish to) talk like I have a stutter or a lisp.




Today’s post is similar to my last one. My boyfriend and I are on a no-carb diet which pretty much eliminates a bunch of ingredients I usually cook with. At present I am living on salad and meat – I am so tired of eating meat! All I want is white food: pasta, bread, rice, chips, crackers, potatoes, flour (yip, I’ll even eat a spoon of flour that’s how desperate I am). I shouldn’t complain, I did take Saturday and Sunday off as it was my boyfriend’s birthday. We threw a party on the Saturday, and the Sunday was his actual birthday. Only thing though, I drank too much and forgot to eat all the bread and potatoes in the world (the wine however was a treat). And on the Sunday, Clarke’s was closed (like all restaurants in Cape Town) so I did not get the burger that I was dreaming of.



Since I am not in the mood to cook a great no-carb recipe (ie. I don’t feel like eating no-carb-food — i’d rather starve), I have decided to post a few pictures I did earlier in the year. It’s not a recipe, rather a bit of fun and something for me to post and I suppose drool over (it’s been 14 days since I have had a burger).



I worked on a MacDonalds commercial with Sam, from Drizzle and Dip ( ), and at the end of the shoot there was a lot of leftover burger patties, sliced cheese and rolls. After sitting out all day, none of it was fit for human consumption. This was great news for me. A few days before the shoot, I was toying with the idea of taking junk food and creating 16th Century still lifes out of them. So I took all the leftovers home and made very neat burgers fit for a Banquet




I am happy with them to an extent. However, I never got the grade, lighting (Chiaroscuro) exactly how I wanted it. Also, I lacked the props to properly pull it off.




Next week, I will still be on this ridiculous diet but shall post an actual recipe.

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10 responses to The Still Life of a Burger

  1. What? No Fish????? *wicked laugh***** Sssssssssuper to have your ssss’s back! Love the pics but they conjur up images of Popeye and that chap Wimpy that used to devour plate loads of burgers …. Wimpy the burger eater! I wonder if Wimpy named their store after him …. Lotsa lurrrv!

  2. Cool post hun. Good luck with the no carb diet. Eish! Rather you than me. See you soon xx

  3. Get off that diet darling and start cooking – we miss you!!

    • hahahaha. I have one more week left, then it’s bread time –oooh, glorious bread and beer and wine, and potatoes and pasta and cake!

  4. You are one creative lassi …….. had such a bad Steers burger today, think I will have to try the big M!!

    • Thanks Nina. Yeah, Steers has gone down, although i’m not too sure you’ll have a better experience at MacDonalds.

  5. I absolutely love the sense of humour in this. Made me laugh and is fantastic.

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