Vanilla Cupcakes with a Custard Topping and Strawberry Jam Filling

November 2, 2012 in pudding, Uncategorized

Love is in the Air


A few weeks ago, well on the 13th of October to be precise, was my second eldest sister’s wedding. I state second eldest because as you can see in the pic below I have A LOT of sisters, again to be precise 4 sisters!, so it is quite imperative that I stated whose wedding it was. It was a lovely wedding and as you can see from the pic, my sister looked absolutely lovely.




The wedding was a traditional Catholic Ceremony and after the ceremony a huge celebratory party took place. I danced the night away and by mistake drank too many shooters – I seem to forget about hangovers when i’m in the mood to party.

I thought since there’s been a bit of love in the air that I would make some cupcakes that, to me, suggest love. I decided to make use of a couple of lens flares as they seem to give a lovey-dovey feel.


I used a custard topping because I just love custard and the strawberry jam filling is red, and red as we all have been told (by someone) is the colour of love.

Visit for the recipe

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  1. They are beautifull – the cup cakes and the sisters!

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