Sweet Dumplings and Understudy Clothing

January 24, 2013 in pudding

Orange Chocolate Ganache Dumplings



Another post shot at The Woodlands Eatery, I just cant get enough of the place! Well, actually I did two recipes the day I shot there and only had time to post this recipe today.

Also, I wanted to post a couple of pictures showcasing my friend, Sarah’s, fashion label, Understudy Clothing. Sarah is not only a talented fashion designer, but co-owner of The Woodlamds Eatery. Her clothes can be found at MeMeMe and at The Woodlands Eatery Night Market held on certain Monday evenings (the next one will be in Feb sometime, I’ll keep you posted).



A while back she asked me and Lindsey Boucher to be her ‘models’. It was so much fun getting to wear all her fabulous clothes and getting my make-up done – what a treat! The make-up was done by Lindsey, who is an amazing make-up artist and if you ever need a make-up artist I would use her, take a look at her site and you’ll see what I mean: http://www.makeupanddelight.co.za/

Oh, and Lindsey is also a talented artist (see pics below), her paintings and prints can also be found at The Woodlands Eatery Night Market, amongst other lovely things.

Recipe to be found at: foodMonger

3 responses to Sweet Dumplings and Understudy Clothing

  1. …and you are the sweetest dumpling of them all!!

  2. I’m sure that photography will take you far, however you make a stunning model!

  3. Im drooling at the dumplings. Love the dresses and tops. I have faved your site x

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