A View from Above

February 17, 2013 in pudding

Apple Tarts with Caramel Sauce



These tarts are wonderfully simple and superbly satisfying. Generally I am not a huge fan of apples, I tend to find them rather boring. Whatever the forbidden fruit may have been I am quite certain it was not the apple, I am more inclined to think it was an avo, however I must say that an apple does make for a great tart. Once an apple is cooked it goes from being tolerable to delectable. Whether you are talking apple sauce or apple tarte tatin the apple is simply marvellous when cooked. In other words, I find apples acceptable when raw; yet delicious when cooked.




On another note, I decided to have a little fun with the photos. I thought it when be a fun, slightly surreal idea to have  my hand in three seating positions. I also raised the sharpness levels in Photoshop to give it an old dinner-poster-ad look — hence the sugar cubes and old crockery.



Recipe at Foodmonger

4 responses to A View from Above

  1. these look amazing Kristy and suitable for vegetarian and it will not be a problem to just leave out the egg. Going to try this recipe very soon. Your pictures are stunning as usual.

  2. Hi there, your photographs look amazing and I love the effect that you used on these photo’s!! I also find apples delicious when cooked or baked, kinda avoiding them at the fruit section – We got an apple peeler for Christmas so I am a bit appled out at the mo’ as we had too many apples in Jan :) Have a great week

  3. This looks beautiful and delish!!!!

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