Naan Khatai Biscuits for Diwali

November 12, 2012 in Desserts & Baked Goods, Recipe

Cardamom Butter Biscuits with Crunch

Adapted from Indian Delights by Zuleikha Mayat

This traditional Indian biscuit is the one that is featured during Diwali and other celebrations. It is similar to a butter biscuit, but the semolina gives it a characteristic nutty crunch. It’s preferable that you use ghee (clarified butter) but you may use butter if you can’t find any. Cardamom fills the kitchen and infuses this biscuit with a gorgeous musky scent.

There are many variations of Naan Khatai – this is one my mother always makes.

Happy Diwali!

I will be  making these on Expresso Show in the morning at 6 15 am  – what a time eh!

 click here for the recipe



 click here for the recipe

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2 responses to Naan Khatai Biscuits for Diwali

  1. takes a lot to beat this “shortbread with a hint of spice and taste of butter ghee” – happy diwali, Ishay

  2. Torture. torture! I could polish off that whole plate. Yum!

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