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September 13, 2010 in Fish & shellfish, Meat

It’s the usual Monday clutter-steering-towards-confusion-and-chaos. I need to drum up some business for the new I Love Cooking website but physical health and sustenance also feature on the to-do list! So, dinner tonight is going to be something simple and very quick. As with all easy recipes, you can add more or less of the aromatics such as garlic, ginger 5-spice and the rest! And if you love chillie, go right ahead and add as much sting as you fancy!


Oyster Sauce Beef Balls



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Until later, happy week ahead for you!!

3 responses to Nice & Easy

  1. That looks really yummy! I love the way you photographed the meal.

  2. this is soo great ! thanks..
    your photography is amazing !!

  3. AMAZING PIC!!! Yummy sounding dish too xxx jan

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