Handmade is making a comeback

July 26, 2011 in Baking, desserts & sweets

Thanks to innovative and popular television cooking shows, handmade is making such a comeback! Anybody watching Masterchef Australia and having seen Gary’s (or was it George’s?) honeycomb has made their own batch. Even my granddaughter of twelve has made it with a bunch of her pals! And, at the same time they made sago pudding … what is more traditional than that?! So yes, it also seems that homemade and tradition are making a comeback to the youth … not only to the delight of us oldies.


Anyway, that was this past Sunday when she told me that they had a sweet cook-off a few days earlier. And asked for more recipes for their own ‘sweets’ as they call what we know as confectionery…


Anyway. Back home I scoured my recipe books and you know, one tends to forget what you’ve done in your life … Well, I do. Perhaps it’s the HRT stickers that I refuse to wear  or my age …? Anyway again… So there I found this recipe in a book I wrote, nogal but I cannot claim the recipe to be an original. A few years ago I was asked to write a recipe book for Bakers and Take a Biscuit  the recipe book was borne as well as a television series (2 seasons!). Can’t tell you how many of the recipes in the book are originals, but I did rework some of their existing recipes that they use on their packs. And I remembered from testing the recipes and shooting them that the Choco Mints were out of this world. Perhaps they can replace dessert in a future heavy-to-prepare meal as you can make these beforehand? Or, they will look very good and steal the show at your next tea party? (The tea party comeback is almost gone, sad to say.) Or you know, just to have something so deliciously homely in the house will be great.  It’s awfully nice to say ‘handmade’ so I try to do it as much as I can … yeah right ..!


The English version of the biscuit book is now sold out (I think we gifted the last 100 copies to the Bloggers Indaba for the delegates’ goodie bags) so I regard myself lucky to have a copy! Sigh. The real work beckons, so here it is, enjoy!


Handmade Choco Mints




Click here for the recipe




8 responses to Handmade is making a comeback

  1. Good job I went to the Indaba hey?! :)

  2. Bring on the tea parties!

  3. O gosh, these are looking delicious!! I am off to read the rest of the recipe!

  4. Morning dear darling, thanks for comments and also those on my other blog. Wish I had more time to look at blogs and paste ice comments also. They are SO appreciated! Have a great day, Muffin! xxx

  5. One of the big scheme plans I have after this production is to bring back the parties, for sure! xxx

  6. Jaaaa! We printed ten thousand and they flew! Mind you, we gave about four thousand away LOL! xxx

  7. Back at work so can follow again! Want one now, please. Now. xxx

  8. I find offering plates for kiddies birthday parties a great vehicle for this kind of recipe. I love home made goodies – especially at Christmas – I have always got some goodies to give to visitors xxx Yum xxx jan

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