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February 13, 2012 in Fish & shellfish, Soups, starters and light meals

If it’s Valentine’s day it means there are about three hundred and twenty shopping days left to Christmas – just enough time for us to get through Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day and Women’s Day and any other day that floats your personal little boat. It’s dizzying stuff, I tell you, all this shopping and specials and fish-paste and blah and hype …  (Oy, guess who’s extra-grumpy this morning) But suffice to say from a person who’s rejected the Xmas hype (read a post in December), the Valentine’s day hype also gets me going off on a tangent. Of course I know that this day is extremely personal to all of us in our own unique way, but truth is that Valentine’s day has caused as much dejection, heartache and tears and arguments and break-ups as extra marital affairs if not more!

One word: expectation. Not all of us have the emotional maturity to make fun or light of this day, ignore it or brush it off as a commercial hype. There are some people who crave and  expect some love validation this day and if they do not get it, well, reactions can range from vengeance against the oke that did not do the red roses thing to serious thoughts of suicide by a chubby spotty teen with braces.

Not that I balk at the day and its sentiment per se, no, it’s the hype.  No, it’s actually not the hype, correction: it’s great to get excited and share it with others. To be exact: it’s the excuse it gives people and companies to hype themselves sky high … And by now my authentic readers, you know how I feel about insincere, unauthentic, self-hypers – oy and it’s often my job to help make hype for brands … but luckily I have emotionally secure, mature, classy, clients who realize that hollow hype is harmful to their brands …

So, after all of that, here is my take on Valentine’s day; adults only, meaning adults older than 45 years who know a fun thing when they see it. So dears, let’s unite and for a change this year,  let’s forgo the gravitas of emotions and expectations and even not celebrating Valentine’s this year. Let’s have fun on the event this year! Eat oysters and bust the myth. Or confirm it. And then, please, please blog about your findings. That will be a real short in the arm for us and a break from all the sugar and syrup and pink and a few red roses costing more than a tank full of petrol.

The recipe below is safe-for-sex: piping hot sauce goes over the raw oyster so it lightly cooks the oysters … you never know – your partner may just spoil the entire idea by feeding it to the cat under the table … and we all know how those dinners usually end up … neither sexy nor sweetly!

Right, here goes!


Fresh Oysters with Creamy Lemon-Butter Sauce


  • 200 ml lemon-butter sauce
  • some crushed ice or course salt (see image)
  • 24 live oysters, shucked (let’s get sexy and call them topless)
  • 120 g smoked salmon
  • herb sprigs of your choice

First, prepare the lemon-butter sauce from this recipe and keep warm. Scatter some crushed ice or course salt onto two serving plates a arrange the oysters on top (the ice or salt will keep them steady). Next, while still piping hot, pour a generous spoonful of the sauce on top of each oyster. Garnish with a sliiver (no more than a sliver) of smoked salmon and a herb sprig or even slices lemon and enjoy …

Serves 2

PS: do let me know … this is my week’s consumer research (that’s why there are 12 oysters each) :-) LOL!

And take my advice, a full stomach is not sexy! It’s like another but external organ you have to schlepp around with you … So stick to the oysters as one single course (oy, the wordplay) and if you must, have my vanilla-poached pears stuffed with  chocolate crumbs for dessert. Double up on the vanilla, it’s also supposed to be sexy. And the recipe has al the right tones and connotations …

Vanilla-Poached Pears

 Click HERE for the recipe.

So, to sum up: aging has serious side benefits!  We can laugh at ourselves, we can make fun of sacred cows, we can go topless or not and we know that happiness is a habit so here is wishing you a happy happy Valentine’s Day, my darlings! :-)

And on a completely differenc note… I have just noticed the S2 button on the menu bar. It says subscribe form. So I am inserting it here to see what happens. Would be DIVINE and WONDERFUL of we can start re-building our mailing lists……. Jaaay! 


8 responses to When happy is really happy

  1. You would get on well with Himself who believes that the only day in the year worth celebrating is your birthday! :)

    • I like hImslef a lot already! I do EXACTLY the same. Birthdays are debauched in terms of excesses in my family … in fact, it if’s ytour birthday you take the day of and so do all of us,. May and October are BAD motnhs for us as the bulk of us fall in those months. LOL XXX

  2. I am so glad I fall in the over 45 category…..darn it looks sensational.

  3. This is wonderful Anne!
    And the subscriber button IS there, you are not dreaming! I am going to do a let-everybody-know post on all the delicious updates we have… Notice the homepage roll… no comments! Just beautiful blogs!! So I am happier than happy!

    • Yaay yaaay yaaay!!!! I JUST killed, swatted, cussed, deleted four flippen spammers off my pristine, demure, innocent little dashboard you know what I mean?! So happeenes all around us. If we foodsters have subscribers, YOU have more traffic also, Darling, will call you tamarra you’ve been on my list for a week….! Thank YOU for all the hard work, dearest one. xxx

  4. Alas – despite a somewhat ‘grown-up’ and ‘mature’ outlook on most matters I just will never ever be able to separate food, sex and handbags … i am drooling over these two recipes and thinking of ways to eat it any other way but off my ‘other half’… sigh*

    • Bwahahah…. you sexy thing you! I don’t get the handbag part .. but then, blond is a blissful state of mind! xxxxx

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