A Cure For Socceritis – The Italian Omelette!

June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

My poor hubby is beginning to show signs of Soccer Supporter Strain which shall be from henceforth referred to as SOCCERITIS!!!  He sits bolt upright up in his sleep screaming, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL”  and “Ref ref REEEEEEFFFFFFFFFF …. You %$%###” – his eyes are bloodshot and he needs many vitamins and mineral to get him going in the morning.  This is my Italian Socceritis Treatment Breakfast. 

Oh my madumbis!!!!  What an awesome day it is in Durban today.  The sun is up, it’s warm and beautiful!  Durban REALLY IS THE WARMEST PLACE TO BE ………..  I drank my wake up cup of cappuccino outside basking in beautiful sunshine.  I think I may have caught the sun a bit – I look like Rudolpho the Italian reindeer … HAHAHAHHAHAAAAaaaaa ……


So here we have an Italian omlette – let’s call it Omelette di Calcio!  Football omelette!  Filled with all sorts of nice Italian goodies such as parma ham, fresh basil and mozzarella and guaranteed to sort out a severe case of Socceritis!  I have some stale bread rolls left over from the other night, so I used one to make Italian Toast (not French toast) – which is made with eggs and grated parmesan cheese and is served as a savoury toast not a sweet toast. 


Breakfast is extremely important in an Italian home – mostly it’s the quality of the coffee that’s imperative.  Italians cherish the cup of coffee something akin to their first born son!!  It must be strong and a dark roast – and ground finely – for espresso.   We love – no that’s just not true – we ARE TOTALLY DEPENDANT AND IN LOVE WITH ….. “Bella” our coffee machine!!!!  She huffs and puffs out gazillions of cups of espresso and cappuccino like RL Stevensons “Rocket”!  But the REAL truth – is that a machine is mos just that – a machine.  One needs a machine operator and in the casa Tripepi – that machine operator is Monique.  Anyone who has EVER put a foot over the threshold of the casa Tripepi – will know our wonderful, darling, angel Monique.   


Monique knows exactly HOW everyone likes their coffee.  The number of sugars – the type of sugar – which people want biscuits – who wants espresso – who wants cappuccino – who wants hot milk – cold milk …….. And the list goes on and on.  You don’t even have to ask ………. Within 5 minutes of entering our home you will have your favourite coffee in your lap.  ALL of our family and friends love Monique our son’s friends love Monique – as each one rises in the morning – mostly after arriving home at 3 or 4am – she hands them their coffee of choice and always asks quietly, “Scrambled, Fried, poached, boiled, omelets???” and she proceeds to cook each one their favourite breakfast. Some mornings she will have made each one of them a completely different breakfast!   Monique’s’ hands are as light and gentle as a feather – she has the touch of an angel and the heart of an elephant and the soul of Africa.  We LOVE our Monique!!


Italian Toast




1 bread roll sliced

100ml milk

2 eggs

3 tbl  of grated parmesan cheese

A grinding of black pepper

1 small fresh – sprig of rosemary

Butter for frying


In a bowl – mix the eggs, rosemary, parmesan cheese, pepper and milk. 

Place the cut slices of bread into the mixture to soak for 2 minutes on each side.


In a frying pan – melt the butter and fry each slice of bread on both sides – until they are nice and brown.  Remove and serve with the omelette.





For the Omelette di Calcio




4 eggs

½ cup milk

1 mozzarella ball or your cheese of choice

A handful of mushrooms – I used mixed exotic mushrooms because they were all I had

(any mushrooms will do)

A small bunch of basil finely chopped

3 slices of Parma ham or smoked salmon

1 spring onion finely chopped

1 clove garlic finely chopped

Salt and pepper



In a frying pan – add a good knob of butter and fry the mushrooms and garlic


Beat the eggs and milk together gently and add to the pan

Using a spatula – bring the sides of the cooked egg to the middle of the pan – then lift the pan

And turn it until the runny, raw egg has filled the pan again. (a la omlette style)



Sprinkle in the spring onion and basil (you could add one finely chopped green chili if you like)


Slice the mozzarella and scatter in the pan


Season with salt and pepper (not too much salt – the Parma ham or smoked salmon are both very salty)


Lay over the slices of Parma ham (or smoked salmon)



Cook for 1 minute and then fold in half and gently place on your serving platter with the Italian toast and garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary or a bunch of basil.



Tricky Ricky was back in the game after eating this lot and full of Soccer Smiles again!!





Bella & Monique working their magic again!!!

Breakfast coffee is accompanied with biscuits in la casa Tripepi!



Maestra Monique!!!


Cappuccino Queen of Queens!


 I challenge any restaurant in Durban to beat our Monique at coffee making!!!!








bUBBLes is watching YOU!!!!!


Buon appetito



15 responses to A Cure For Socceritis – The Italian Omelette!

  1. our Bella is worked by Dave! We had scrambled eggs for breakfast – yummy!

  2. I would love breakfast in the Casa Tripepi – all my favourite things, including divine coffee! I love the sound of the Italian toast, so yummy!

    Jan, you could run a coffee shop/B&B/Italian restaurant no problem xxx

  3. *drool* definately going to try the Italian toast, enjoy the soccer.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Now I want Soccerititis, just to receive the cure/meds… the food looks yummmy!! I think I might come steal your Monique (and the coffee machine..) Have a fab day!!! xxx

  5. Thanks Z – give that toast a go – it’s different!! Savoury French Toast! xxx jan

  6. Thanks Supa – it’s nyummmy!!! xxxx have a great day xxx jan

  7. I have had people ask me to put Monique in my will!!!!! Family have offered her many splendid things to try and lure her away – NA-AH – we love Monique and she loves us!!!! She is a gem xxxx jan

  8. awesome post Jan, well written and yummy food xx

  9. That looks amazing-please can someone tell me where I can get that mozzarella from in Johannesburg

  10. Cremelat Cheese factory in Elandsfontein

  11. Wowee – there you go Mel, Cremalat cheese Factory! But – if you can’t get to Elandsfontein- any decent Italian delicatessen. Sometimes Woolies keeps the nice soft buffalo mozarella in stock too. I will do some digging for you xxxxx jan and thanks for the compliment angel xxxx jan

  12. Thanks sweetie – you too! It’s raining and cold here today!!! Have a great evening xxx jan

  13. Thanks Carey! xxx jan

  14. Oh wow – that food looks so yummy – guess what’s for Friday brunch……….. tks Jan

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