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A Saturday Quickie!

September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s the most beautiful day here on the East Coast – Spring has Sprung, the air feels like Champagne and it’s the weekend. It’s moments like this I just love – a whole two days lay sprawled at my feet and I am in the mood to cook. I’m off to go and check out some local food stalls at the Essenwood Craft Market.   They seem to be beefing up their veggie, meat, bread etc food outlets which DELIGHTS ME TO NO END!! There is room for everyone in my world – the more markets and outlets for our awesome local produce – the happier I am. Competition IS HEALTHY – and at the end of the day who benefits? – It’s the consumer that benefits and that means YOU and ME!   The more compe tition, the more outlets, the more markets – the better the quality needs to be to attract the buyers’ eye and the keener the prices will be – and the whole world is watching their ronts at the moment!


This is a quickie post – with a quickie idea for a quickie Saturday lunch. The beach is calling my name – the faint smell of suntan lotion beckons – the market (I always pop in to buy flowers there – SOOO CHEAP!) awaits – so it’s a quickie and can be cooked on either the braai (YAY IT’S BRAAI TIME AGAIN) or your oven!





Veggies Grilled Mediterranean Style with Grilled Sole And an ice cold bottle of Neil Ellis – Sauvignon Blanc with Lunchtime Sunshine!






A selection of seasonal veggies – washed and cut into equal density

and cooking time slices.


1 cup of Olive Oil – extra virgin chateau ’99! (hehehe..)

2 tsps Rock salt – smoked would be awesome

2 tsp Smoked Paprika

2 tsps Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Minced Garlic – as much as you can handle but at least 1Tbs.

Rosemary – a bunch

1 piece of string



nb: this is an Italian style basting – you could add flaked chilli, cumin, coriander, thyme, honey, some booze – the combinations are endless.


I grilled brinjals, zucchini, red onion, red & yellow peppers. You can grill any vegetable that you like – even potatoes (don’t cut them too thick) grilled are delish – the more the merrier! The colours of this platter both cooked and un-cooked really are dazzling and the braai or grill give the softened veggies a wonderful smokey flavour that just smacks of summer!



You know that fabulous bottle of oil you have been saving for something special – weather it be olive, chili, almond or even walnut oil – this is it!!





Into a jug add the oil, paprika, salt, pepper and garlic and give it a good stir.


Tie the bunch of Rosemary with a piece of string to make a basting brush.

Use the brush to baste your veggies and, in this case, the fish on the braai.

Serve up the fish with lemon wedges.



In the blink of an eye – the veggies and fish are ready – I kid you not – In 5 minutes the food is all cooked, on your plate and you are sipping a glass of vino!


La vita e Bella!!



 I must say that Carey’s recipe for Thyme and Rock Salt Quickie Bread would be awesome

served with this – perfect for mopping up those juices -so pop over to her blog here and get

her fabulous recipe!!! 




Invite your friends and family over – tell them to bring their cozzies, cooler boxes and a great attitude and

Mamma Mia have some Great Simple Food and good old South African Fun!


Buon Appetito






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