Act 3 of The Seduction …. Boudoir Games ……….

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Let’s re-cap the scenes in this three act soiree. Remember that None of these little tasty titbits require any cooking – you pop to your local – pick up the ingredients and bang them all together. A night of love and romance requires one to be fresh and full of vitality NOT exhausted from slaving over a hot stove.


In Act 1 – you have broken the ice – popped the bubbly and set the scene by spoon feeding each other Mango & Salmon to get the taste buds tickled and had a little fun with Parma Ham and Mango Basil ‘Little Devils’. Candle light and sexy music igniting the senses till you had a change of scenery and moved on…..


Act 2 – You had some fun with the bath bubbles and devoured spoonfuls of heaven. Crossed Your Hearts with Crostini of mozzarella & basil behind you it was the perfect moment to “Bite Me’ ….. Of course, feeling a little playful you had a game with “Pass the Parcel” and without fail, it all ends with ‘A Shot in the Bath”………


So now Act 3 – Scene 1 lands up in your bedroom for some Boudoir Games…….




Feel Like a Whirl




1 packet of small meringue nests

1 tube of raspberry sauce (use your favourite flavour)

1 tub of double thick fresh cream

1 packet of fresh raspberries (or strawberries or blackberries you choose)




Fill a meringue with a dash of raspberry sauce

Top the raspberry sauce with a tsp of double thick fresh cream

And top with a raspberry!


Could it get any easier???



Booby Prizes




1 or two ginger biscuits or crunchies

1 tin of condensed milk

Lemon juice – the bottled juice

Fresh raspberries





On a Chinese spoon place some crushed biscuit

Mix 4 tbs of condensed milk with 4 tbs of squeezy lemon juice

Place on tbs of this mixture on top of the biscuit

Top with a raspberry!


If you don’t have Chinese serving spoons you could use a shot glass.


What’s That!



To end your evening how about a guessing game!

You feed each layer to your paramour and he or she has to identify the ingredient


This game will require a blind fold of course!!! Hehehe ….





2 ginger biscuits

A dash of your favourite liqueur – I used Kahlua coffee

2 tbs of double thick fresh cream

1 tub of readymade chocolate mousse

8 raspberries



In a small glass first add about 1 tbs of crushed biscuit


Add a dash of Kahlua coffee

Add one tbs of double cream

Add 1 ½ tbs of chocolate mousee

Add 1 tbs of double thick cream

And top with 4 raspberries


Don’t you just love a night of foodie seduction.





Sexual love is the most stupendous fact of the universe, and the most magical mystery our poor blind senses know. by Amy Lowell

As always



Buon Appetito and May you all have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day





To my darling hubby (who is won’t be with this V-Day)

Amore mio in questo giorno di San Valentino ti penso piu’ del solito, siamo distanti e non ti posso abbracciare e dire quanto ti amo pero’ ti mando un grande bacio grande come tutto l’universo….



19 responses to Act 3 of The Seduction …. Boudoir Games ……….

  1. che tristezza sarĂ  solo il mio caro amico

  2. How very clever of you- love these sexy treats. Sorry you won’t be with your husb- hope you will make up for it when you are together!

  3. What a sensual way to end off an amazing love fest!! Your Italian gave me goose bumps :)

  4. After all that gorgeous valentine food, you’ll be alone??? Not fair, Jan!

    So I am assuming you had a little pre-Valentine celebration….. ;)

  5. I just completely love this!!! great super easy ideas! To bad about you hubby though, but I’m sure he’s being very seductively spoilt before and even after V-day.

  6. Some wonderful ideas Jan, you are so inventive.

  7. hehehe …. yum!

  8. Thanks Sue – i had loads of fun. Have an awesome day xxx jan

  9. As I say – do don’t even turn the kettle on to make them. thanks angel – fear not- hubby and I have something special planned xxx thanks angel for your lovely comment xxx jan

    • :Considerably, the article is in relaity the most useful on that precious topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and also definitely will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will certainly not simply just be enough, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I definitely will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. De lightful work and also much success in your business dealings!

  10. Thanks hey! Have an awesome V-Day xxxx jan

  11. Grazie cara! xxx

  12. Thanks for the visit Ishay – and yep we have a plan xxx have an awesome VDay xxxx jan

  13. si si – pero saro con i mei amici xxxx

  14. OH la la – very very nice!! Thank goodness we dont have to reserve all these goodies just to Valentines day! Anniversaries, Birthdays…any day to spoil will do!!
    Hope you will have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  15. Oh my sack! I’m only seeing this now (really delayed I know) but it’s T’s birthday in April ..hmmm I love the idea of this set up perhaps we can try it out then ..and allow things to get messy! hehehe

    lovellly post!

  16. That’s the spirit TT – did you see Act 2 in the bathroom – no worries if you get messy there!!! hehehe ….. have loads of fun! and PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! XXX JAN

  17. oo la la I did! Love it! I wish April could come quicker! hahaha

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