Cappuccino Ice Cream to Settle my Dinner Diva Nerves!

November 7, 2012 in Cooking with Coffee, Desserts, Dinner Divas, Janice Tripepi, Valentined Day Food for Love

My Love Affair with Coffee Continues …. Cappuccino Ice Cream!

 Just click on this pic for the recipe for Cappuccino Ice Cream.

Easy Cappuccino Ice Cream Recipe.  I am an early riser as most of you know, but the looming Dinner Divas contest has been giving me broken sleep for about a month now.  I have brontosaurus sized butterflies hurling themselves around my tummy like an entire preschool of children on a jumping castle.  Combine this with welling excitement that one cannot avoid when partaking in any form of competition and it makes for quite a strange feeling.  Like a child on Christmas morning I couldn’t stay in my bed a minute longer and was up, showered and watching the clock for the 6 o’clock make up call, by 4.30am.

Thuli and I clinging to each other for dear life!

The crew all have their jobs to do and get to their tasks with focus and dedicated purpose.  Hot coffee is passed around; Thuli (my co-entrant with whom I am cooking today) and I just really try and keep out of everyone’s way.  She has such a bubbly attitude to life and a smile to match.  I am a fan of her blog and and we have been paired to cook against each other as our blogs are viewed as reflecting food of different cultures.  Thuli posts about traditional African cuisine and I blog mostly about classic Italian food.  We plonk ourselves outside in the sunshine to compare notes and stories about the blogging world.  I try so hard to concentrate on the conversation but can’t help myself from repeating my recipes in my mind and going through my plan for the cooking of them.  Prepare the parmesan egg stuffing, cut open the chicken breasts, Parma ham first, then the cheese, then asparagus and don’t forget to season …..

Before long I find myself slipping into a surreal world of lights, camera, action upon which I just get cracking.  The bronto-flies in my tum fly away the moment I get into my comfort zone, the kitchen.  I find Skye, the camera man’s ooh and ah’s about how good my chicken is looking so encouraging and before long I am playing to the crowd.  I don’t know about a Diva but there is an actress hiding in me somewhere.  Dear sweet Thuli is asking me how I am doing and all I can do is smile back at her and crack on!

How was I doing I thought to myself? Have I met the brief – a delicious family meal for 4 in 90 minutes, your blog on a plate? Well, this definitely IS my blog on a plate as most of the recipes are actually on my blog so I feel confident that my meal is a true reflection of my blog but what will the judges think of it?  Before I knew it, time was up and I was staring at my eight plates of food with a happy grin on my face.  I really enjoy cooking, but I just love feeding people.

Thuli and I are whisked off to the waiting lounge where we sit kind of huddled together in the freezing cold to await our fate.  The judges take about an hour and a half to eat both meals, confer with one another and vote for the menu that best meets their criteria. Considering that any meal that I plonk our dinner table at home is usually gobbled up in a matter of minutes, this seems like an eternity.  Who are the judges and how will I cope with negative feedback?  There are just so many unknowns and so many unanswered questions.

Michele, the host of the show calls us back into the kitchen and we are positioned facing each other to hear the outcome.  And this is part that I don’t enjoy.  My meal received the most points or votes which meant that I will be cooking in the next round.  I am not comfortable jumping up and down for joy at my win when poor Thuli is going home.  Forgive me if I didn’t look like I have just won the lotto, but it’s just not my style to celebrate in the face of one who has lost.

After a few photos and a good chitty chat with the crew we left the set.  The adrenaline in my body has subsided and my mind clears a little.  When I get back to my hotel room – I throw myself on my bed and scream Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaahhhhhh into my pillow and it feels good. I get to cook another day!

I slept well that night!

Saturday 3 November 2012

Well, there you have it – my first appearance in Dinner Divas!   At the media launch for the show in Cape Town recently, Jane-Anne Hobbs of the blog Scrumptous and author of the cook book Scrumptious, asked me, with a furrowed and perplexed looking brow why I had entered Dinner Divas.  My reply was to the effect that I wanted to drive traffic to my new blog, hunna hunna which WAS true but in retrospect, I really didn’t have an answer cast in stone.  This may sound completely random and quite arbitrary but sometimes I am prone to doing such things just for the hell of it.  Does one HAVE to have a socially acceptable or tantalising and meaningful response to such a question?   The very same question was asked on the Dinner Diva entrance application …. and if I remember correctly I wrote something about ‘World Peace.!”

Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Lucky old me got given a beautiful Ice Cream Maker for my birthday.  This is the perfect opportunity to share this Cappuccino Ice Cream recipe.  I cannot claim it for my own, although, with time I hope to be proficient enough to produce my very own ice cream recipes.  First things first though, I will practice ….. a lot!

Coffee Bean Heaven!

This recipe is from my trusty Italian cook book, The Silver Spoon which is the English version of the 1950’s cook book Il Cucciao d’Argento!  I have vivid memories of the flavours of an ice cream that was sold in a cup somewhere in the 1980’s.  It was called a Cappuccino something or other!  I have never found another ice cream quite so delicious.  It ticked all my ‘ice cream’ boxes.  Not too sweet, creamy coffee flavoured ice cream with a dark powdered coffee/cocoa flavouring on the top …. It was the toe curling, tongue tingling stuff that my dreams were made of and I have been craving it for the longest time.  So, when I unwrapped my ice cream machine birthday gift I knew exactly what ice cream I would be making first.


Toe curling, Tongue tingling Cappuccino Ice Cream

Cappuccino Ice Cream

Click on this pic for the recipe

Firstly, don’t panic if you don’t have an ice cream machine.

I have added a Cappuccino Semi-Fredo Recipe at the end of the post – a semifreddo does not require  on my blog

Just click on a photo to be taken to both recipes.

As always

Buon Appetito



4 responses to Cappuccino Ice Cream to Settle my Dinner Diva Nerves!

  1. Ola sista! Well done and well written and well … we loved loved loved you and your food and having you as part of this lovely show. XXXXXXXXX Mwah.

  2. What a great post Jan! Looking forward to see you cooking again on Dinner Divas

  3. Cappuccino and Ice cream a great combo. looks like all it needs is some brandy caramel sauce.

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