Mfino and Ricotta Cheese Quiche Recipe. Summer is here!

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Mfino & Ricotta quiche – perfect for a summer light lunch!

I am an ardent fan of Kobus van der Merwe’s blog, Sardines on Toast.   I envy his ability, and more to the point, the opportunity he gets to create delicate and artistic plates of food anointed with what can only be described as ‘soupçons’ of exquisite flavours.  His use of indigenous plants and foraged ingredients makes my toes curl with delight and I have been promising myself for the longest time that I would make an effort to explore said indigenous plants and their flavours.

I would describe the provision of meals in la casa Tripepi as the perfect antithesis of Kobus’ artistry.  It has taken years for me to introduce the mere notion of ‘meat free’ meals and plates of food that don’t cry out for a break from the tonnage deemed to be the acceptable amount of food to be served on a plate.

Once a month, Monique attends a local clinic with a friend of hers.  Dressed up to the nines, Monique and friend, toddle off together like two dressed turkeys gobble-gobbling their way down the road.  Their day always includes a stop at a local market that sells everything from combs to fruit and veg.

I love to mosey around shops and markets and always keep my eyes open for interesting plates, glasses etc. for my blog posts.  I often see enamel kitchenware with the requisite amount of “wear and tear” as to render them totally desirable for blog posts calling out my name.  One glance at the price tag and I generally drop them like a hot potato.   R250, 00 for a chipped, second hand jug is just ridiculous and makes a mockery of the humble, most affordable and practical enamel ‘family’ that was designed and manufactured for the ‘lower income’ shopper.  I get the whole, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure thing, but to pay such a price just doesn’t feel right!

With this in mind, I armed Monique with R150, 00 in cash and asked her to purchase a large enamel bowl at the market, a bowl big enough to serve pasta or salad to ‘la famiglia’ and guests on any given Sunday.  I suggested that should she have any money left over, she could buy me some bunches or “hands” as Monique puts it, of fresh Mfino; an indigenous ‘baby leafed spinach’ equivalent.

Later on that day, Monique arrived home with a whole host of enamel-alia!  One large shallow enamel basin perfect for pasta, six small enamel plates, two enamel bowls with lids and five bunches of beautiful fresh Mfino.  And the cost for all of this was just R72, 00.  This feels so very right and I cannot wait to fill that beautiful big bowl with homemade fettuccini bathed in a summery tomato and Mfino pasta sauce and serve up portions on the small plates.  As for the required ‘wear and tear’, I could fling them around the garden a bit I suppose, but I will go ‘au naturel’ I think!

Monique and I discussed the various cooking options for our five bunches of Mfino and decided that, for a first time out, a traditional approach would be best.  This would allow me to get to grips with the flavour and texture in order to invent something a little more interesting in the future.   Traditionally Mfino is served one of two ways, either fried and reduced down with onion, spring onion, garlic and chilli or fried and mixed with mielie porridge.


Mfino & Ricotta Quiche

Click on the pictures for the recipe

Perfect for a light summer lunch or your picnic basket.

This tangy quiche is perfect for a summer lunch.  Make this in a square tin and cut up into cubes and serve as a canape for a cocktail party or simply include in your picnic basket.  Mfino is local and very very lekker.

Mfino resembles baby leaf spinach.

The good news is that TrickyRicky woofed the quiche down and is very keen to join me in the kitchen to see what else we can make with this local herb.  Monique suggested that we use the Mfino with polenta much in the same way as she cooks the Mfino with mielie meal!  I have some ideas and will report back!  Click on the pictures to read more about mfino and for the recipe for this easy local is lekker quiche.


Try this Pork Sausage, Caramelised Onion and Fresh Sage Quiche Recipe


Great News! 

Dinner Divas is moving into the Semi Final Stage which sees

Usha Singh


Zirkie Shroeder

go head-to-head in the Diva Kitchen!

The brief is to prepare a Festive or Special Occasion Meal for 4 – 8 people in 3 hours!

Now, THAT is a lot of cooking!

See you there!

 We are off to the Midlands for a wedding this weekend!  We are staying at a beautiful spot called Whispering Waters …. so hope to enjoy a relaxing time!

As always

Buon Appetito



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  1. I must ask my domestic goddess to source me some of this, I’ve never heard of it before. I love that the weather is coming right, bring on the summer eats! Btw I clicked on the pic to see your recipe and it takes you to the sausage quiche.

  2. I love enamel and use it lots – this looks great Jan x

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