TrickyRicky’s 10 Minute Spaghetti with a Tuna, Tomato and Mushroom Sugo

December 4, 2012 in Cheese Recipes, Dinner Divas, Fish Dishes, Italian Classics, Janice Tripepi, Pasta Recipes

TrickyRicky’s Spaghetti al Tonno!


TrickyRicky and I have been paragons of virtue for the last few weeks; surviving of a standard breakfast of bran flakes that taste like cardboard, lunching on meat free summer salads and dining at night on simply cooked meat with steamed vegetables.  We surely qualify for an award of some sort!  I really shouldn’t complain as we have been very creative with salads etc.   Weekends, always bring family meals and occasions which can’t possibly be tainted by the confines of our diet!

Last weekend, we attended a wedding up in the Midlands of KZN, which meant that we spent three nights at a beautiful trout fishing resort called Whispering Waters.  With four dams dotted around the grounds, sprawling immaculate verdant lawns and bird life up the yin-yang; the stress of daily life and the silly season just evaporates.  I am such a fan of the current ‘destination wedding’ fashion as it forces one to take time out.  The obvious choice of destination in KZN is the Midlands which opens her arms wide in a loving embrace.

Tuesday evening our resolve crumbled, TrickyRicky and I agreed that a comforting plate of pasta was exactly what was needed after a long and stressful

TrickyRicky ready for action!

day.  Like two excited children the night before Christmas we mustered up some ingredients and with me behind the camera Tricky got cracking in the kitchen.

This is one of those pasta sauces that you won’t find on any local Italian restaurant menus.  However, tuna is a common store cupboard ingredient in Italian homes and often finds its way into the pasta pot.  When you have just have not found the time to plan a meal this pasta sauce is a life saver.  Generally tinned tuna is used in one of two ways, either in a tomato based sauce with any number of complementary ingredients or it’s used in conjunction with lots of chopped parsley, garlic and black pepper in an olive oil based sauce.  I enjoy both and will make a point of making the parsley and garlic version soon.  We chose the tomato based sauce route this time.


Sugo di Tonno

With the pace of our lives clicking into top gear at this time of the year you need to have a good few quickie meals on hand.  When Daniele and Massimo were younger, they would arrive home from the beach with four or five friends EACH,  so these quickie pastas are just the ticket to feed starving teenagers on the hop.

Spaghetti al Tonno is served up an on your table in 10 minutes.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s affordable and most of all – your hubby, lover, son, brother or partner can make it.

Open you laptop, wack it on the kitchen counter at this recipe and get him to follow this step-by-step easy Italian pasta dish.

You can set the table, dunk yourself in the bath and emerge refreshed and ready for a glass of vino with your loved one!


Wadda-ya need?

One husband/ lover/ willing cook!


Your simple Italian ingredienti …


Ready steady ………

cook cook cook …..

and wadda ya get?

Choirs of Tenors singing the praises of pasta!


Spaghetti al Tonno!

Just click on any of the pictures above to be taken to my kitchen where TrickyRicky is waiting

to show you how to cook this 10 minute Wonder step-by-step!

Don’t have any tinned tuna at home …..

Try this spaghetti that is made with butter, black pepper and cream cheese …  another flash in the pan,

step by step recipe from TrickyRicky!

Click on the picture to go to this recipe!






This weekend Kristy, Nina and I battle it out for a place in the Dinner Diva Finals Challanges!

7 responses to TrickyRicky’s 10 Minute Spaghetti with a Tuna, Tomato and Mushroom Sugo

  1. Lovely, true, authentic, entertaining, blue blood blogger!! xxx

    • Mwaaaa! I think that it’s time to give TrickyRicky a shout hey! He is soooo good at these quickie but delicious pasta’s that I have decided to give him the limelight! Thanks angel xxx

  2. lovely post, Jan – its extremely trying to diet – hats off to you and Ricky.

  3. It looks and sound delicious

  4. “Kiss the tools” apron – hysterical hehehehehe

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