Apricot, Pancetta and Nut Glazed Camembert.

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Apricot, Pancetta and Nut Honey Glazed Camembert …

Apricot, Pancetta and Nut Honey Glazed Camembert …

My Life Today ……………………………….. in pictures! Can’t chat!

Spring Cleaning ……… RESPECT!

My reality!

‘Moi’ at the end of the day ………….

So it’s a quickie post today!

When I was in Cape Town for the shooting of the Dinner Divas Show Daniele invited a few friends over for drinks and a light dinner.  I really didn’t have much time to spare to prepare the usual two course meal and all I could muster, from his sparse cupboards and fridge was a dressed Camembert, a piece of beef fillet to make some  Beef Carpaccio which was served with crusty breads, salads and some fabulous wine that I bought at a wine tasting in Kloof Street on a previous visit.

With so many friends popping in for drinks this Christmas, a dressed Camembert can literally be on the table in all its ‘gooey’ glory in a matter of minutes!

Camembert dressed with Apricots, Crispy Pancetta, Nuts, Thyme and Honey

Dressed Camembert

Camembert, pancetta, chopped apricots, fresh thyme and mixed nuts.


1 Camembert (if you have the time, leave it out and open all day to ripen)

120g slice of pancetta or bacon

100g sliced dried apricot

80g mixed nuts – salted is fine

a frew sprigs of thyme

honey for drizzling


Click on the picture to be taken to the recipe

And in just ten minutes … it’s ready!

Here is the platter of Beef Carpaccio ….

Beef Carpaccio

The sun is actually shining here today in KZN …… YAY!

Don’t forget to tune into SABC2 this Saturday Morning for the First Challenge of the

Dinner Diva Finals

It’s a ….

As always

Buon Appetito



7 responses to Apricot, Pancetta and Nut Glazed Camembert.

  1. My house awaits a Spring clean…..when can I expect you? I like your take on the Camembert, very nice!

  2. this is very interesting – love ur pics

    • Thanks Anel – I kind of had to make do with what was in Daniele’s cupboards! and thank heavens he has herbs growing on his kitchen windowsill. Have a great week hun xxx jan

  3. I am going on holiday now, so do you think when i get back we can arrange a time suitable to both of us for a “Spring Clean”. This looks divine and my sons love chamambert so this could be a good idea but without the pancetta

  4. Love the honey that is dripping on the side!

    • Thanks Pinks – I am suuuch a little honey-bee! It’s a far healthier option to the traditional sugar glaze! and much tastier! Have an awesoem week xxxx

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