Light and Lean Herbed and Spicy Avocado and Cream Cheese Wrap! Only 247 Calories!

February 7, 2013 in Cheese Recipes, Light and Lean Recipes ... Hip Friendly!, Lunchtime Recipes, Meatfree Mondays, Vegetarian Meals

I have so many blog posts on the go that I am starting to confuse myself!  I KNOW I am harping on about being on Die-T but it rather does determine the nature of the food that we are eating at the moment.  TrickyRicky and I have both got a maximum of calories that we may eat in a day.  We are both giving it horns in the gym and encourage each other all day long.  I am convinced that I look like Twiggy already and he is constantly asking me if I can see his muscles!

We laugh at each other a lot – probably not to cry!  Our first goal for the year is the first of two family weddings coming up.  Melisa, my niece is marrying her David in April and I am designing a very Audrey Hepburn style dress and coat!  My design does not allow for flubber … so we diet!

I had pretty much decided to declare a Blogging Blackout for myself during this period of sensible eating, but have subsequently changed my mind!  I am prone to such behaviour.  I can’t be the only person in the world dieting, and have decided to share some of the marginally more interesting meals together with a breakdown of the calories etc.  Perhaps there is someone else out there in the same boat as me!

I have a budget of 1738 calories a day, which if the truth be told, is ample. Add to this the 534 calories that I burn during my gym session and I could eat far more than I am.  I am by no means starving myself, heavens forbid, but am keen to reach my goal of losing 10kg’s by mid-April.  Hope springs eternal!

To our utter amazement, this whole diet thing as actually not quite as difficult as we thought that it would be.  Making simple adjustments to our eating habits has resulted in quite significant calorie savings.  We have both downloaded a simple cell phone App called MyNetDiary which makes life incredibly simple.  You enter your height, weight, activity levels and gender; then set a goal and Ping! It tells you exactly how many calories a day that you may eat.  You enter each meal and the App tracks your progress daily.  Easy as ….

Avocado, tomatoe, basil & coriander wrap … this will have you smiling all the way to the scale!

Avocado, Cream Cheese and Herb Wrap

247 calories = 1033kj

12 responses to Light and Lean Herbed and Spicy Avocado and Cream Cheese Wrap! Only 247 Calories!

  1. Can I at least have a light beer with this? :-) Looks delicious, low kj’s and all.

    • Absolutely, my darling it will only add 96 calories and that’s not bad at all! I had a glass of champagne with my 3 oysters yesterday which only cost me 104 calories and put a HUGE BIG MAMMA smile on my dial!!! Some things really are worth going to the gym for! Have a great day xxx jan

  2. Hi there Jan, your wrap looks divine! You’re not alone on the Die-T :) I am also trying to eat healthy and shed those Xmas kilo’s. I am even smashing the floor at the gym and spinning classes are still putting me in a world of hurt but I’m persevering. Keep it up and thank you for your posts, I always enjoy them! Have a great weekend :)

    • Thanks for this encouragement my angel – I look a right sight at the gym, virtually crawling from the bike to the treadmill etc…. But hey, every step counts doesn’t it. I am going to keep sharing my meals, they may not be quite as exciting as usual but I am finding that counting the calories puts me totally in control of the whole enchalada! I have to enter ABSOLUTELY everything that goes into my mouth which also makes on think twice. Keep up that spinning – it’s on my ‘J-List’ but I really need to get my general fitness levels up again before I go into the spinning torture chamber!!!! hahaha …. but I am seeing and feeling the results already and loving it! xxx have an awesome day xxx jan

  3. Congratulations Jan on being so focussed and determined & good luck further. Love the idea of this wrap.

  4. looks mouth-watering-delicious! you are such an inspiration, thank you!

    • Thanks my darling, one of these days I will try a triathlon with you! hahaha …. lots more huffing and puffing before that happens! have an awesome day xxx

  5. I love the light and fresh salad type recipes we are forced to eat at this time of the year because of the heat. I can’t imagine anything more terrible than slaving over a hot stove while the sun is baking down outside. Good luck darling Jan on your eating plan and I am sure you will look as jorjus as always by April xx

    • Thanks Tamms, I have been shopping for food around Cape Town and have found fresh mussels, SOOOO, am planning a special meal with some fresh pasta and a light and lean mussel sauce! Looking forward to it so much but will have to pay the price in the gym… hahaha! I wish you could see what I look like after an hour of cardio!!! Beula! xxx

  6. The wrap looks delicious, Jan – its never easy to diet and you and TrickyRicky are doing well. I gained so much of weight over the holidays – am now also trying to shed the extra kgs. Its encouraging to know that I am not alone in this quest.

    • Oh YAY! I am not the only one, it’s not easy losing weight at my age! But – lose it I will! I am going to keep on posting, listing the calorie and kilojoule’s of each recipe ….. we in this together sista!!!!! Lotsa love xxx janjan

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