My 144 Calorie Beetroot Falafel Burger Wonder!

February 27, 2013 in Janice Tripepi, Light and Lean Recipes ... Hip Friendly!, Lunchtime Recipes, Meatfree Mondays, Middle Eastern Magic, Vegetarian Meals

I just LOVE Saturdays!  TrickyRicky stops off at Essenwood Market in Musgrave Road and brings me a falafel and salad wrap home for lunch.  It feels like such an indulgence when I sink my teeth into those spicy little balls!  Last weekend Karmie and I decided to go and do a really long and intense workout in the gym, followed by a leisurely shower and then off to the beach for breakfast.

Winter is flirting with us early in Durban.  Our mornings are fresh and getting up early is such a pleasure.  We were greeted with the most spectacular day and the beach was simply magical.  The sea was wearing her favourite diamond necklace that sparkled with such lustre as to take ones breath away.  All in all, it was a perfect day.  The only problem was that TrickyRicky had meetings and was unable to make it to the market!  NO falafel!

You know what they say about when the going gets tough?  By Sunday I could think of absolutely NOTHING but falafels and came up with these!

Beetroot Falafel Burgers

Falafel Beetroot Burgers served with Tomato & Brinjal Relish and Rocket in a Pita
Falafel Beetroot Burgers served with Tomato & Brinjal Relish and Rocket in a Pita

Makes 4 patties

I made a batch of light beef burgers for TrickyRicky at the same time and served both up in pita breads with a roasted tomatoe and brinjal relish.  The carnivore inside TrickyRicky simply couldn’t get his head around a meatfree Sunday, so needs must.  I will post the light and lean burger recipes as well as the relish recipe next.


L&L Falafel & Beetroot Burger (2)

1 tin – 218g chick peas (264 calories)

2T flour (64 calories)

1 red onion finely chopped (57 calories)

139g cooked beetroot cut into a small dice (111 calories)

50ml coriander (5 calories)

2tsp ground coriander (10 calories)

1tsp ground cumin (8 calories)

1-2tsp ground chilli (8 calories)

2tsp finely chopped chili (8 calories)

5ml olive oil (40calories)

Salt & pepper

Total = 575 calories which is only 144 calories per patty


Gently fry the chopped garlic and red onion in the olive oil until they are translucent.

Add the ground chili, cumin and coriander to the pan and roast the spices for about 1 minute.

This helps to bring out all of the flavour of the spices.

L&L Falafel & Beetroot Burger (42)

Drain the chick peas and place into your food processor together with the flour, fresh coriander, ground cumin and coriander, chopped chili, salt and pepper

Check out the action shot!
Check out the action shot!

Pulse about 4 times – so that the mixture is not quite a paste.  I prefer a little texture in my patty so by all means blitz to a smooth paste if you prefer.

L&L Falafel & Beetroot Burger (76)

Check for seasoning and fold in the diced beetroot.

This is the texture that I like .... not too smooth.
This is the texture that I like …. not too smooth.


Fold in the garnet cubes of beetroot!
Fold in the garnet cubes of beetroot!

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts.  Roll each quarter into a ball and flatten with your hand to form a nicely shaped patty.

L&L Falafel & Beetroot Burger (106)

You could dry fry these patties in a non-stick pan if you wish but I added a spray of olive oil a pan and fried them.

L&L Falafel & Beetroot Burger (120)

Using a spray bottle of olive oil is a great way to save on carbs ... any make will do!  I just happen to have this one!  I am not sponsored by them!
Using a spray bottle of olive oil is a great way to save on carbs … any make will do! I just happen to have this one! I am not sponsored by them!

These puffy little sweet and spicy patties are really quite filling.  You won’t be able to manage two but my goodness did they hit my spot ……

So what is the total calorie count of a Falafel Beetroot Burger served in a pita with rocket and my brinjal and tomato relish

Falafel Burger 144 calories

Pita Bread 77 calories

Brinjal & Tomato Relish 42 calories

rocket leaves  10 calories

Total 273 calories!  I have 1728 calories a day which I divide up into 500 calories per meal and a snack – so you can see 273 calories is wonderfully low!

My 243 calorie wonder!
My 273 calorie wonder!


Click here to Try these Spicy Falafel Wraps

I lost 1,2kg’s last week!

As always

Buon appetito



8 responses to My 144 Calorie Beetroot Falafel Burger Wonder!

  1. I am drooling already at this part of the morning and my boiled eggs which will hit my hunger spot before gyming this morning looks very very plain. I was sold on this when I saw chickpeas – and a very novel way of using beetroot. Healthy and delicious – score!!!

  2. Hi Jan, these are totes amaze balls!! Well done on your loss, you are an animal at the gym! For your calorie counting, do you refer to a calorie chart to check the calories? Please do share, I would really like to use too, Thanks. Have a fab day :)

  3. Jan this looks so sexy and tasty! A huge big “i want” from me!

  4. I am beetroot fan of note! These burgers really satisfy my craving for both a burger AND falafel – yummmmmbo! Have a brilliant weekend Mitzi!!! xxx janjan

  5. Olaaa my angel!!! I am using MyNetDiary which is an app which you can dowload to your cell phone or ipad. It’s even more AMAZE BALLS than my falafel burger … you enter what it is you have eaten or want to eat and WAMMO BAMMO … it gives you the calorie value. You can also enter a whole load of ingredients – hit the recipe button and WAMMO BAMMO AGAIN – it gives you the total calories AND the calorie value for one serving …. BONUS! I downloaded the full version which cost me R39,99 – awsome value for money! Have an amazzzing weekend xxx janjan

  6. Thanks Anel darlin – I shall just have to make you some of these tasty little LOW CALORIE hunger busting beautes!!! hahaha Have a bril weekend xxx jan

  7. I’m so happy to hear that all your hard work is paying off and your blog is benefitting too :). Lovely recipe Jorjus Jan xx

  8. It sounds amazing, Jan! I cannot see the pics. :(

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