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Shaken, not stirred [Giveaway]

December 14, 2012 in Drinks, Recipes, Win

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Ah, cocktails, magical concoctions, that if brewed just right, leave the recipients feeling like they have been transported to a faraway place, filled with sun, sand and umbrellas. I enjoy a good cocktail, and I like to measure a place by the quality of their Strawberry Daiquiris. That being said, I hardly ever make my own cocktails, opting for premixed or the creation of some talented bartender.

However, cocktails are super fun to make. We went on a team building for work once, where we got split into teams and had a competition to see who could make the best cocktails under instruction from very patient bartenders. I don’t remember who won, but I do remember that it was probably one of the best team building’s I have ever been on. Although making Mojito’s with your boss is kind of weird.

When I saw the cocktail making classes on offer at the Taste of Christmas festival this past weekend, I knew I had to fork over my crowns (the currency used at the festival) to participate. I anxiously waited for the class to start at 5, and when we began, we were given an explanation of all the fancy cocktail making tools (like a muddler and a hawthorne strainer – sounds like something out of Harry Potter) and proceeded to make a “Full Moon” cocktail. This was a mixture of rasberries, cranberry juice and a Castle Milk Stout. Now I am not fond of beer, and even though this was my least favourite cocktail of the night, it was still sweet enough to drink without gagging.

We then moved on to making a cocktail called a Blue Dissolve (mine was actually pink) with candyfloss, cranberry and vodka. The cocktail is poured over the candyfloss and it disappears like magic (just like my candyfloss lemonade)

The final cocktail, A Sergenti Swirl consisted of Mint, Honey and a Savanna, and the boyfriend and I both agreed that this was the winner.

The coolest thing about all these cocktails was that they were all served in awesome glass jars and bottles. (From Consol obviously)

The recipe for the Serengeti Swirl is given below, the other recipes (with instructional videos) can be found on the Consol Facebook page

Jam jars seem to be a popular choice for serving cocktails now days, and paired with a quirky paper straw, make awesome signature drinks for events. These are some of my favourite Jam Jar cocktail pictures (mostly found on pinterest):

Watermelon CoolerBomb CollinsSummer Cherry Sours,

The Southside Fizz, Cherry Lemonade, Sake Champagne Mojito,

The Scarlett O’HaraApple, ginger and cranberry vodka cocktail

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4 responses to Shaken, not stirred [Giveaway]

  1. This sounds amazing – love the candy floss cocktail – how clever and innovative.
    ps … I hope your boss gave you a raise after a few Mojito’s :-)

    • Ha ha – a raise. That makes me laugh. Thanks for stopping by, and please enter the competition :)

  2. Great post Jess. Nice to see you blogging again. I’m green with envy that Taste of Xmas only happened in JHB. *stomps foot and wails* IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

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