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July 30, 2010 in Uncategorized


Morning everyone!


So I really wanted to make something delicious last night to blog about today but at the end we had pap and wors! Not really something to blog about I know – but it was still delicious (sorry Potjie!)


Everything is going well with me and “boontjie”. I’m just a bit tired when I get home in the afternoons – so I’ve got an excuse for making pap and wors and all things quick and easy see! We went for our big 20 week check up last week and everything is looking good. I also couldn’t wait to find out if it’s pink or blue so off course I had to ask the doctor …




… and we are having a GIRL!




My feeling was totally wrong this time because I really believed that we’re expecting a boy maar nou ja – we are all very excited! Little one is super excited – she can’t wait for her sister to be born! So I’m starting to buy pink all over again. Actually we must get everything again – because I was so clever to give away all my baby stuff to friends and family!


So this is my news for now! Hopefully I’ll be back next week with something delicious to share!


Enjoy the weekend!






19 responses to Some news …

  1. CONGRATULATIONS En baie gelukkies!! Ek sal jou gaan help shop!! :) Ek is steeds baie bly om te hoor dit gaan nog goed!! En daar is absoluut niks fout met pap en wors nie, ons sal Potjie moet leer pap eet! hehe :)
    (ek sal jou mail nou nou nou :))

  2. Congrats Minnie family on expecting another girlie…colour my world pink and all things sugar and spice :o)Glad to hear that all is going well with you and the pregnancy Minnie. There are lots of expectant momma’s and new babies around. Debsie had a little boy a few days ago. Hugs and all the best xx

  3. Wonderful news, Minnie!! Daughters are a treasure :) look after yourself & the pink-boontjie xx

  4. Ag dankie! Ek gaan maar more gou bietjie na ‘n paar goedjies kyk – sal jou moet laat weet as ek weer gaan of wat!

    Ek stem – pap en wors is die beste – met gerasperde kaas bo-oor die pap met sous en chopped tamatie! YUM! Sal uitkyk vir jou mail! xxx

  5. Thanks so much dear Brownie! I’m starting to get very excited now – was wondering about Debsie the other day. Shame I hope she’s doing ok.

    Thanks for the visit – enjoy your weekend! xxx

  6. Thanks so much dear Z! I will do so! Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  7. that is awesome news! Hope she brings you many blessings

  8. Wonderlike nuus, Minnie!!! Ek het 2 dogters… en ‘n seun, en hulle is wonderlik!! Voorspoed vir jou!!.. en geniet hierdie fantastiese tyd in jou lewe.. dit is baie spesiaal!!

  9. Thanks so much Tandy – I appreciate it! Enjoy your day! xxx

  10. Ag baie dankie Pinks – ek waardeer dit! Het darem ‘n paar goedjies vir die kamer gekry die naweek – ek raak nou sommer baie opgewonde om weer so ‘n klein mensie in my arms te kan vashou! xxx

  11. Congrats on the pink! You’re going to have so much fun with your little princess

  12. Thanks so much Debs! Little one can’t wait – we are all very excited! Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  13. Just popping in and wondering how you are doing Minnie. Whe is baby due?? Hugs xx

  14. Hi Brownie – thanks for popping in … everything is going well! Going for a c-section end of November (round about the 23rd – not too sure yet) But I’ll keep you guys updated! Hope you’re doing well … Big hugs xxx

  15. Hi , hoe gaan dit met jou? …en die babatjie?…hoe lank nog? Sterkte vir jou!!

  16. Hi Pinks – dit gaan baie goed dankie! Nog so 8 weke om te gaan dan is babatjie hier – kan nie glo hoe vinnig die tyd omgegaan het nie!

    Ek sal julle op hoogte hou (ek weet ek was nou nie eintlik die beste blogger die laaste ruk nie!) Ek waardeer die inloer baie! Jy moet lekker bly!xxx

  17. Hey Minnie
    Glad everything is going well in your pregnancy and congrats on it being a girl!

  18. Thanks so much Debs – thanks for the visit! xxx

  19. Hello my doll.. at last.. I got here! You’re just about ready to have the baby now… terrible being away for so long. SORRY!
    So glad everything is going well with the babbelah and so exciting that it’s a girl!!! PLEASE pls send me an SMS when you have her.. PLEASE. LOTS of love and hugs to you both :) xxx

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