The long wait is finaly over … and introducing little baba!

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Hope everyone is doing well. Can you guys believe that it’s December already?


I wanted to pop in earlier but as you all know – time is not my own anymore with a new little baba at home! Everything went well with the birth last week and there were no problems. We are the proud parents of a healthy beautiful little girl and we are so grateful. Little one is the proudest big sister ever – and she just loves being a sister to little Kayla!


Otherwise I’m quite tired (as expected!) and I’m still getting used to getting up at night for a very hungry baby’s feeds. But when I see her little face (even at 2 in the morning) I still think she is the cutest little thing!


So without further ado – meet little Kayla!




PS – We went for a newborn photo shoot yesterday – and boy was it fun and games posing without a nappy! Let’s just say my white T-shirt will never be white again!


Will try and pop in again later!


Big hugs





32 responses to The long wait is finaly over … and introducing little baba!

  1. Congratulations, Minnie!!!!! She’s just so beautiful, my word, what a little angel! I love the idea of a newborn photo shoot, too cute. So happy she’s safely here and you are both well. xxx

  2. Congratulations dearest Minnie and family. Kayla is so beautiful. So happy everything went well… she’s a little miracle. Can’t wait to meet her! Big hugs to all and kisses for Kayla! xxx

  3. sooooo cute… Congratulations!!

  4. She is adorable, so cute!!! Congratulations to you two!!

  5. Baie Geluk Minnie! Sy is te gorgeous! Mag sy vir julle net pret en plesier bring! :) Sterkte met die pajama drills!

  6. Baie geluk, Kayla is opvreetbaar mooi!

  7. she is so beautiful! enjoy all the baby breath snuggles xxxx

  8. Beautiful little thing :) Congratulations and welcome to the world Kayla!

  9. Congratulations!!!! Gorgeous baby. xx

  10. Oh Minnie….she is just too gorgeous. Love these photos. Congratulations to you and Mr Minnie and big sister! Well done. Sending you hugs xxx

  11. Nevermind Des, kyk net julle bondeltjie vreugde!!
    Baie baie geluk weereens! Sy is pragtig, die boonste pic lyk dit of sy so wil wil sneaky smile!
    Sterkte met die opstanery in die nag! ;) Weereens baie baie baie geluk en liefde!! xxx

  12. Oh CONGRATULATIONS and hugs and kisses and a huge welcome to Kayla – she is such a pretty little noonoo – good luck with the late night feeding and remember – those late night moments with her will all be over soon enough and she will be turning 21!!! May she bring you nothing but joy and laughter xxxxxxxxxxx jan

  13. Thanks so much Zabwan – the photo shoot was very special. How’s your daughter doing? xxx

  14. Thanks so much dear Dinx – I will give her a big kiss and hug from you! xxx

  15. Dankie Pinks! xx

  16. Thanks so much Nina! xx

  17. Ag dankie Ally! Ja nee sjoe – ek het al vergeet hoe voel die pajama drill -maar baba is besig om gou weer my geheue te verfris!

  18. Dankie baie Marisa – en dankie vir die inloer! Hoop dit gaan goed daar by jou ook. xxx

  19. Thanks so much Tandy – I will definetly! xxx

  20. Thanks so much Lunar – nice to see you! Hope your doing well – I see you started to work again. I’m really not looking forward to that …

  21. Thanks so much Cath!

  22. Ag dankie baie Sharon! Kan amper nie glo hoe vinnig die tyd omgaan nie en dat sy al ‘n week oud is nie. Hoop dit gaan goed met jou – pas jouself op hoor! xxx

  23. Thanks so much dear Jan – I know what you mean – they just grow up way to quickly! Keep well! xxx

  24. Thank so much dear Brownie – nice to see you again! And catching all your hugs! Big hugs to you too! xxx

  25. She is so beautiful, Congradulations!!!

  26. Thanks so much!

  27. OMG, BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a gorgeous precious little girl, may she bring your family great happiness in your lives!!!! Enjoy every minute of your time with her! xxxxx

  28. Ah thanks so much Mint tea – can’t believe she’s 6 weeks old already! Keep well! xx

  29. Hi there, Minnie – how are you and your sweet baby doing? She must be about 6 weeks already, and the tiny baby stage is over! Thinking of you xxx

  30. Hello how is the babbelah? Missing you. Dying to see how much she’s grown!!
    Happy New Year darling Minnie – hope it’s a blessed year for you all. Big hugs and love. xxx

  31. Hi dear Dinx! She’s doing great – has grown so much already! Happy New Year to you too darling! Big hugs xxx

  32. Hi dear Z! Yes – seven weeks this week – I can’t believe it – she’s grown so much! How is your daughter doing – is baba here yet? xxx

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